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  1. Rob28

    PTN meet ups

    Anyone here part of the PTN group in GTA? Last Friday at Porsche Markham was very cool!
  2. Rob28

    0-60 times - how can I do this at home

    Anyone have any suggestions for how to measure 0-60 times on my GTS? Whether it be an app on my android/iPhone (i have both, iPhone for work), or something else. I dont think my wife with a stop watch would work :P
  3. Rob28

    Range Extending Chip?

    Anyone have any experience with this?
  4. Rob28

    First GTS for sale on Autotrader

    I won't lie - I've thought about selling my GTS before even driving it given the premium that I can get. I see one posted in Canada already for $240k CAD (about a 25% premium over MSRP - I'm guessing the options on it based on the listing) Is it worth flipping and moving to Taycan Turbo S or...