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  1. darth_maul_80

    Autowatch Ghost

    Has anyone fitted this autowatch Ghost to their car and has it had any adverse effect on the car's electrics?
  2. darth_maul_80

    Smart Lift saved locations

    Hi all, We’ve had our car a week now and love it. Been using the smart lift feature and programming them in. They do work when I drive up to the points where I’ve saved but when I go to the menu to see where they are saved the locations are some place 30-40 miles away. (Points I saved at are in...
  3. darth_maul_80

    Indra charger

    Hi all been doing some reading abo it chargers as we are waiting on our Taycan. has anyone heard of or used the Indra Charger Indra smart pro charger we are likely to fit the charger inside our garage so doesn’t make sense to pay large amounts of £££ for such a good looking charger such as...