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  1. X-ray

    Where do you keep your car?

    No issues getting into my garage thankfully. My Ford Raptor was pretty tight…2” in front and 2” in the back.
  2. X-ray

    Collected 4th New Taycan Today - Ice Grey Turbo w/ Gold Wheels

    I absolutely love the wheels. Looks awesome and unique.
  3. X-ray

    Worlds first Grigio Telesto PTS Taycan GTS!

    Amazing! Congratulations. 🎈🎉🍾 X
  4. X-ray

    OK - let's see them! Key Fob

    plastic TTCR-II Car Key Case Compatible...
  5. X-ray

    OK - let's see them! Key Fob

    Gray sides from Amazon to get pretty close to Chalk
  6. X-ray

    Which all season tires come on a GTS with 21” Spyder Wheels?

    Mine came with all-season Continental ProContact RX in 265/35/21 and 305/30/21. It is weird. They don‘t show up at all in that size at the tire rack but if you search Continental’s site, they are there but it says it isn’t a tire size for the Taycan…very weird.
  7. X-ray

    gtechniqplatinum ceramic coating

    All of this! PPF to protect your paint. Ceramic coat to make the car easier to wash and stay cleaner longer. I wouldn’t pay big $$ for ceramic coating. Do it at home yourself if you are able. Gtechnic makes good products. I have coated my last 3 vehicles with Crystal serum light topped with...
  8. X-ray

    CHALK Taycan Club

    Couple of pics from this weekend,.
  9. X-ray

    Watch collectors - let's talk watches here!

    Summer shoes on the Sub and Date Just
  10. X-ray

    Modesta Nano-Titanium or CQuartz Finest

    True statement but $150 for 1-2 years of coating is a good value. $1500 or more for a coating to last 3-5 years is crazy. I did my own prep at home which is half of what you are paying for because it is time consuming and tedious. I would have to agre to disagree on your last sentense...
  11. X-ray

    Modesta Nano-Titanium or CQuartz Finest

    I would go with whom ever has the better reputation but…I myself wouldn‘t pay that much money for ceramic coating. PPF yes, it’s hard to do at home. Ceramic coating can easily be done at home for under $150 in product, applicators and towels. One thing that contributes to longevity is how you...
  12. X-ray

    2021+ owners - how consistently has EA Plug & Charge been working for you?

    I am 2 for 3 at the same EA charger in Columbus Ohio. One of the two stalls is probably not working and I got a charging error when I plugged in even though the app says the charger should be working. I moved chargers and things worked fine. When I came back, I used the same charger I had...
  13. X-ray

    First longish road trip with GTS

    I’m not sure that is true since the app shows two charging spots on each unit and sometimes showed one taken and one available. Be sill to have to cords and only be able to charge on vehicle at a time. Puts foot in mouth…. You are correct. From the EA FAQ which was hard to find. ”Though there...
  14. X-ray

    First longish road trip with GTS

    Thanks for the etiquette tip. I figured I might see higher charging rate despite my fairly high SOC but I had no experience using any DC charger so….800V architecture I was told to use 350 kW if available. I wasn’t too worried about anyone else since there are two chargers per unit at the...
  15. X-ray

    First longish road trip with GTS

    Just though I would share my experience and charging data for others here. My son and I went to visit my dad for the 4th of July. He lives about 2 hours away in Columbus, OH. We started the trip at 99% state of charge and drove straight from our home to the only EA charging location in Columbus...
  16. X-ray

    Installed puddle lights “Taycan”

    Just installed my puddle lights this afternoon. Took all of 3 minutes to do both sides. Used a plastic trim tool to be safe. Light popped right out, unclip both sides of the wiring harness and install new light. I got mine from…
  17. X-ray

    First 3 weeks of ownership

    Great write up. I agree with all your assesments especially that rear wheel steering is awesome and the center console is a massive failure. X