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  1. Taycan GTS brakes caliper size

    .Looking at the specs for the GTS, front brakes are 360mm, whereas rears are 358mm. I’m confused why Porsche didn’t simply fit the same brakes front and rear - why have such a minute difference in size, meaning a separate part etc? The Turbo & Turbo S have 410mm (front) and 365mm (rear), it...
  2. Taycan ST GTS Finance quotes (UK)

    Anyone in the UK had any finance quotes for a Taycan ST GTS - either personal lease or PCP? just had one from my OPC @6.8% APR - Just wondered if anyone had got better terms from Porsche Finance or could recommend a third party provider with better rates?
  3. Charging a Taycan using Tesla (Super)chargers in the UK

    I've read various articles that suggest that Tesla will (or has already done so) allow other marques to utilise their charging network. There are YouTube videos showing this being done in the Netherlands, but not sure if this is working in the UK yet? Has anyone done so in the UK and if so...