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  1. Emden to Grismby - any movement?

    oh no! I’m considering abandoning my order and buying a used 911 at this point!
  2. Cycle Carrier for CT it’s here !

    Congrats! Where did you manage to get one from?....
  3. How much?!

    It also looks (in two pictures!) like there's a big crack in the roof on that one....
  4. How much?!

    Welcome to the “supply and demand” markup madness :( I looked at this one too ;).
  5. Final stages before delivery notification?

    I just got this notification via the app of a status change today. My car was build complete a couple of weeks ago, and pending arrival at Emden. Annoyingly my SA is on holiday now :( For other UK buyers, what does this mean? Is it really imminent?
  6. Car collection tomorrow 3pm.. how excited am I?

    I'm excited for you! Living vicariously through you while mine's stuck somewhere in Germany. When was yours build complete?
  7. Delivery Delays

    Time to update your signature! :)
  8. Emden to Grismby - any movement?

    Yeah, it's really annoying. Please post immediately if your status changes to anything useful! I suspect we're in the same hold / will be on the same ship :)
  9. Emden to Grismby - any movement?

    Exciting! I got the "head on" shot before my car disappeared from My Porsche. No-one seems to know how to fix it. :(
  10. 12V battery pack size

    LOL. Are you trying to source them for us all? :)
  11. Emden to Grismby - any movement?

    Anyone any status change?
  12. Volcanic grey or mamba green!!! ??

    I struggled with the same choice - went for the safety of Volcano in the end, but both look great :)
  13. Today is NOT the day! aargh

  14. Got this from Porsche when I logged in online.....

    I just checked the website - there's a picture of my car in build, too! :) I wonder if it was always there after the "build complete" phase and I hadn't noticed it before. If anyone else is looking, go to My Porsche, and click the "Find out current phase" button. The picture of my car had...
  15. Emden to Grismby - any movement?

    I'm willing to bet that's what happened, too. Does yours show as in the compound (Kornwestheim?) or having left it and now being held at Emden?
  16. Emden to Grismby - any movement?

    LOL. It's probably worse now you know it's "close" :) I ordered mine in early November '21, so you're winning the wait front at the moment!
  17. Emden to Grismby - any movement?

    Congratulations! Maybe there is hope :) What were the build dates of your car, can you share?
  18. Emden to Grismby - any movement?

    Is that what the 2 month delay is? I was assuming (hoping!) that the "production complete" meant they'd actually sourced one ;)
  19. Emden to Grismby - any movement?

    We're in almost the exact same timeline :\
  20. Emden to Grismby - any movement?

    Anyone any recent updates on deliveries leaving Emden for the UK? (Grimsby) My car was flagged as "production complete" last week and changed to "Your vehicle has been produced" on My Porsche. It was due to arrive at Emden last Friday, although I want to give it another couple of days before I...