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  1. Volcano Grey Taycan GTS Stealth Wrap Pics

    it literally looks like matte black!
  2. Kind of feeling screwed over. Placed over in Dec 2021 and still no allocation

    Ah! Was confused as I made no mention of price... but yeah, no additional. In fact, I got $1,000 off the MSRP. :rock:
  3. Kind of feeling screwed over. Placed over in Dec 2021 and still no allocation

    In addition to being country, dealer and model dependent, I was told that it is build dependent too and that Porsche does not assign build dates on a first come, first serve basis, but rather that builds that have a higher amount spent on options might be favoured/prioritized vs those with less...
  4. Ability to order a 2023 taycan

    I ordered my 2022 on April 9th. Got placed into a queue and waited. After I didn't hear anything until end of June, I was told that for sure I'm going to be slotted into a 2023 model because they stopped giving build spots for 2022 sometime in late May I think. I recently learned that my...
  5. CHALK Taycan Club

    It looks like I need to take a flight down to Atlanta it seems!!! LOL. I know the pics don't do justice.. but if you would oblige, I really would appreciate it!
  6. CHALK Taycan Club

    Hey Tibiafx! I have a chalk GTS on order and I am agonizing over whether I should do the matte PPF or keep the finish glossy by going clear PPF. I feel like the chalk paint shows really nicely as gloss but then the matte finish would be so unique and rare too (unlike matte black, for...
  7. 【2】 2022 Taycan ‣ OEM Clear Side Markers Install

    You are right about the electric charge port, but you forgot to order gloss black door handles to complete the look!
  8. Which color will you pick if you can own a 2nd Taycan?

    I ordered chalk. 2nd options would be... PTS: Rubystone Red Non-PTS: Neptune Blue
  9. January Delivery @Jacksonville Port (US Southeast destination)

    Looks gorgeous! I have a Chalk GTS on order that I am planning to do a matte PPF on too. Can you please share which PPF you used? Was it Xpel Stealth? Do you have any more photos you can share?
  10. CHALK Taycan Club

    Ridiculous! They better honour orders that were already placed!
  11. Chalk is going away for MY23 Cayenne starting Oct 2022. Will it also be discontinued for Taycan?

    I placed my order in April but have not received a build date yet. Does this mean I could potentially not get chalk without paying the PTS price? I surely hope they will honour orders that were already placed.
  12. Taycan Options Advice

    I think you meant "was" not available (when you ordered)? Because a GTS Sport Turismo is currently available. This thread de-railed pretty quickly. lol. Back to the topic, sorta - go with the GTS. It comes with a lot of the options you'd pay a lot more for in the 4s.
  13. A Blissful First 10 Days Living With My GTS - Photos, Thoughts, and More

    Firstly, congrats on the car. I ordered a GTS in Chalk with all the electric charge port cover, mirror base and door handles all in gloss black. Secondly, that Guest mode bit I quoted would seriously piss me off. I've been subscribed to Porsche Drive (the program where you can drive...
  14. Car Seat Recommendations?

    I love my Diono Everett. The rigid latch system is a game changer. It literally clicks right into the latch connector points and I don't have to stick my whole body into the back seat to find them and click it in when installing or removing it. Every other car seat you need to whole the...
  15. Winter Season with Heavy Snow Stick with Taycan or Get a Used Macan for Winter?

    i dont plan on driving mine in the winter, so i'm going to go with the used Macan option if you've got the funds. or even get something cheaper, that performs well in winter snow, like a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  16. New member ordered GTS Saloon

    Oh I am 100% doing the electric charge port, the mirror base and the door handles all in gloss black. I forgot to select the charge port cover when I posted the render above, but its definitely in my build. Yours looks great! Do you have more pics posted in another thread?
  17. New member ordered GTS Saloon

    Not in person, but I've seen photos (below). Look opinions are subjective I guess... I think it looks really nice and breaks up what would otherwise be a boring all black interior. Feel I can't comment on because it's not an easy trim to find in a dealership.
  18. New member ordered GTS Saloon

    Your story sounds similar to mine! I had a 2020 Cayenne Coupe E-Hybrid and it was totalled in an accident. I've ordered a Taycan GTS in April 22 as well. I haven't received a build date yet, been told it'll be late in the year. Did you not want the pano roof, the RAS, etc? The interior...
  19. Prewire Porsche Dashcam (front/rear) Option?

    You guys do have different warranty laws that someone here told me about so you're probably right on that. I just keep it fresh in my mind because it almost costed me big. In any event, $150 to pre-wire is a no brainer to me. The amount of time I spent fishing the wiring through my Cayenne...