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  1. Final stages before delivery notification?

    I just got this notification via the app of a status change today. My car was build complete a couple of weeks ago, and pending arrival at Emden. Annoyingly my SA is on holiday now :( For other UK buyers, what does this mean? Is it really imminent?
  2. Emden to Grismby - any movement?

    Anyone any recent updates on deliveries leaving Emden for the UK? (Grimsby) My car was flagged as "production complete" last week and changed to "Your vehicle has been produced" on My Porsche. It was due to arrive at Emden last Friday, although I want to give it another couple of days before I...
  3. UK order status and delays?

    I ordered back in November last year, and my car is slowly moving through the build process. This is my first new-build Porsche, after a couple of "off the lot" purchases while I lived in the USA. I'm incredibly excited for our new Taycan! A couple of questions: 1. I know we don't get the full...