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  1. 22kw charger

    Absolutely 😂😂. he did it 👽👽
  2. 22KW battery Charger

    Thanks D, very helpful, will have my car booked in asap
  3. 22kw charger

    Have the 22kw battery charger been resolved? The previous advice being to reduce the charge rate at home to around 5kw
  4. 22KW battery Charger

    Have the 22kw battery charger been resolved? The previous advice being to reduce the charge rate at home to around 5kw
  5. Got my pylon today

    I got mine yesterday, black with VIN printed after 3 months of ownership
  6. Latest stop sale due to Burmester part shortage

    Same happened to me as well. Car delivered in early March, expected part arrival in late June. It did come earlier and I got my car end of May 2022
  7. Major software update announcement coming July 13th…

    Has this been announced Yet, no sign of it in Ireland yet
  8. Rear wiper wash Taycan CT4s

    It is located on the wiper arm itself
  9. Going away for 10 days.. leave plugged in or not?

    Not at all. I left it vat the airport for 2 weeks at 43% and came back to 42%. I did not try ton connect or check the car using My Porsche app as wasn’t sure if that may keep trying to connect when I log off and might drain the 12v battery. Maybe I am wrong but didn’t want to chance
  10. Screen protectors installed

    Sure, c attached, my car, the central screen and then the infotainment plus the passenger screen. Bought online from the above site, 17€ x 2 for the infotainment screen protectors and 14.50 for the climate control screen. Prompt service and reply to any enquiries, arrived within 3 days of...
  11. Screen protectors installed

    Just bought and installed screen protectors from
  12. electric shock??!!!

    Agree, happens exactly the same way to me and primarily is dependent on shoes
  13. Charging and health

    If one has an ICD or a pacemaker, the interference from the high voltage could cause there malfunction. This has not been studied but the risk is there and hence not advised. Medtronic, a medical device company doesn’t rule out the possibility of an issue
  14. Mercedes EQXX Concept

    A bad mix between Taycan and Kia EV6
  15. Stuck abroad with electrical error

    Oh Sh… is all I can say as my CT4S has arrived at the Porsche centre Dublin and with the 22KW charger, reading here on the forum and as You pointed out, Ireland has many more 22KW chargers in small towns. On a different note, it has been shipped without the Pedestrian Warning speaker, so cant...
  16. Forum Help with Electrical System Error - please

    Did You get a replacement car by Porsche? I am awaiting delivery of a 4S `CT and reading about all the electrical faults is not confidence inspiring
  17. Pedestrian Awareness Sound

    Terrible any way
  18. Pedestrian Awareness Sound

    Have no idea, they likely missed putting it in the first place, so much for Porsche QC. Worst for me is then the local Porsche rep trying give a stupid excuse
  19. Pedestrian Awareness Sound

    Got a call fro Porsche Dublin which began with “We have good news and bad news, the good news is that Your 2022 Porsche 4S CT in Mamba Green has finally landed with us. The bad news is that it is missing the speaker for Pedestrian awareness sound i.e., not supplied from the manufacturer. This is...