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  1. Latest Taycan Software Update Findings and Reviews Thread

    Thanks - much appreciated. Is the "new content" just the addition of the compass? I was secretly hoping for some Car Play content to be displayed...
  2. Recall for instrument panel reprograming

    Got car back... nothing noticeable - but said it should fix the background errors that were causing the screen to disappear (which I have fortunately never had)... Dealer also had no new info on new updated PCM - wasn't sure if it was OTA (I have a '22) or when it would be ready...
  3. Don't miss the auto start/stop nor the turbo lag....

    Taycan Turbo is in shop for some software updates (why can't they be OTA?!)... they gave me a nice Macan for a couple of days to use. I haven't driven a petrol Porsche in about 6 months and I forgot about two things which I definitely don't miss: Auto Start/Stop and Turbo Lag. Waiting for the...
  4. Recall for instrument panel reprograming

    just had this update done... picking it up later today and will advise if anything noticeably different.
  5. Damage to Mission E Wheels

    Posh Wash in Hyde Park car park does excellent wheel restoration.
  6. Bose to Burmester

    Disagree - burmester is great. I work in music and noticeable difference to Bose. Wish it could do atmos though. Subwoofer excellent. Pair with noise glass and it is great. Wouldn’t spend $15k to upgrade though!
  7. Turbo Order: Too many options?

    I have a very similar build... the only thing I wish I had was Comfort Access...
  8. Your favourite Taycan option & why?

    Tough call... either the Burmester + Acoustic Glass - or RWS (this car is easier to park than my 911)... The Smart Lift is pretty handy as well.
  9. Pros and Cons of Variable Light Control roof option

    I saw a Taycan today on the street that had this roof - and due to the overnight cold - it looked brown for some reason...
  10. Insulated Glass

    I have it - no issues with cellular. In UK on Vodaphone. It pairs great with an upgraded sound system.
  11. Sport Seats vs Comfort Seats

    I have the comfort seats (w massage) and they are great. I had the sport seats on my last 911 - good but not as comfortable. A Taycan is not a sports car - I would get the comfort seats and enjoy the ride.
  12. ? PCM 6 Update Announcement [Update: Retrofit Being Explored For Existing Taycans]

    I have a '22 model year (was delivered in December). Obv. I hope that I can get the new PCM... but I have to say in the list of features/reasons as to why I wanted to buy a Taycan - software OTA updates was not a factor. Yes it is an expectation these days due to the early entrants in the EV...
  13. Car Sleeping - not connecting to PCM servers

    Are you using the new My Porsche app? I had this same issue occur last week - when I switched to this new unified app from the Porsche Connect app. I since have deleted My Porsche and gone back to Porsche Connect and the issue is resolved.
  14. Connect App Can't Connect

    Update - after deleting the My Porsche App and going back to Porsche Connect there were no issues this morning. Could be unrelated - but seems odd!
  15. CONNECT APP network issues?

    Update - deleted My Porsche App and went back to Connect - and car worked fine this morning. Could be something on the back-end at Porsche servers - but definitely seems odd!
  16. CarPlay in MY22 any better?

    When it works it is great. That said - ever since I started using the My Porsche App it has had issues. Not sure if related - but that was the only change. Have had car 2 month and connected well 95% of the time up until recently. Not sure if it is a server issue or an issue with my car’s comms...
  17. CONNECT APP network issues?

    Similar thread here: