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  1. MrBlueSky

    22kw charger

    Is this a ‘to be sure, to be sure’ post? You asked the same question about 9 hours ago fella. 😉😁
  2. MrBlueSky

    Ready to throw in the towel

    I can understand your frustration and I have been waiting patiently for my 4S since last December. I now have a November build/December delivery which, in all honesty, I don’t believe will be met. The truth is, it’s not just Porsche and I have been waiting for a motorbike since last November...
  3. MrBlueSky

    Porsche Dashcam Installed - Review and Overview for US Taycan Owners

    Can't comment on the blocking of building but, the pre-wiring has made it to the UK (CT) configurator and is a no cost option in the Comfort & Assistance Systems section. Not sure why it couldn't just be standard if there's no cost in speccing it but, that's Porsche for you. Maybe they leave...
  4. MrBlueSky

    Gap insurance for Taycan RWD - ya or nope

    I received the same advice from my SA when I first configured my car at the dealer. As others have said, ALA (and others) are far more competitive price wise and I plan on going with them when my car arrives in December. The MSE25 code for 25% is still working as well.
  5. MrBlueSky

    Delivered: Crayon Taycan Turbo S

    Cracking - health to enjoy.
  6. MrBlueSky

    My Porsche (UK) not showing car production progress at the moment.

    Yep - mine is playing up as well at the moment.
  7. MrBlueSky

    New RWD UK extremely happy owner.

    Cracking car and the blue works so well - congrats and health to enjoy. I have gone for the slate grey interior as well with my Gentian CT so, any photos you could take of the interior/doors open etc would be greatly appreciated.
  8. MrBlueSky

    Today was a good day... Pickup CT4S day!

    Congratulations and a fabulous looking CT. I have a similar spec due to arrive later in the year and yours has absolutely confirmed my choices! Health to enjoy.
  9. MrBlueSky

    2022 Taycan 4s part information and function help!!

    It looks like it could be the footwell led light? He has probably just pulled it off. You should see the hole and the wire connector when you look underneath. Simple connect and press the light unit back into place hopefully.
  10. MrBlueSky

    No telephone holder

    It is my understanding that (some) cars have been delivered without the wireless charger due to an ongoing parts supply issue. Once available, the charger should be retro-fitted to your car. Your dealer should have pointed this out and explained what will happen during the handover of the car...
  11. MrBlueSky

    Price increase again ?

    I know this thread is heading towards the archive but, my SA (OPC Belfast) has just confirmed that the price increase will not be applied to my build. He confirmed that, as I have a build allocation (June 22), the price is now fixed.
  12. MrBlueSky

    Official Porsche Announcement: PCM Update Coming to All Model Years w/ Faster Charging, Infotainment Improvements and Range Bump

    It would be nice but I suspect it's just badly worded and should have stated the variable light control option is now available across the MY23 range (rather than just the GTS upwards)? Conjecture on my part but it would be more than a pleasant surprise if Porsche gave up the opportunity to...
  13. MrBlueSky

    Porsche Driving Experience @ Silverstone, UK - quick review

    Morning session for me too. See you there!
  14. MrBlueSky

    Porsche Driving Experience @ Silverstone, UK - quick review

    What a coincidence - Looks like I'll be able to wish you a Happy Birthday in person lol. I'm booked for the same date!
  15. MrBlueSky

    Porsche Driving Experience

    Not sure there is any real link to build progress to be honest. In my case, I put a deposit down in late December 21 and received my Silverstone invitation in late February 22. My build allocation came through at the end of June. I've booked a November session due to work commitments but it...
  16. MrBlueSky

    New GTS order

    Appreciated - thank you.
  17. MrBlueSky

    New GTS order

    Hi Adrian, Don't want hijack Jabbar's thread but I changed my supply cable to 16A on the recommendation of the SA. Can't remember what he said the reason was though? I should have done my own research to be honest as EV charging is a new thing for me. Is the standard 32A the better option for...
  18. MrBlueSky

    Price increase again ?

    I know you are right (this isn't my first Porsche) and I will absolutely enjoy Taycan ownership but, it would just be nice if Porsche could sort out their communications for once. Look at the confusion they've created within this thread over a (unannounced) price rise. Roll on December when a...
  19. MrBlueSky

    Price increase again ?

    This would certainly explain why PRG customers appear to have dodged the bullet whereas others using 'independents' appear to be looking at a hit for 1.5k.....maybe. Various earlier posts had raised a bit of hope that a confirmed build allocation etc would avoid the rise but, that now seems to...