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  1. My custom hitch for standard bike rack.

    This looks fantastic and exactly the solution those of us with existing Thule towbar bike racks need. My one question would be about the electrical connection, can it reach to the side to be plugged in as they are generally next to the towbar so little reach required. Otherwise assuming it...
  2. Taycan CT4 w/ 2021 vs 2022 Thule Wingbar Edge , Thule Vector M roofbox

    Interesting, I have a set for my Cayenne which I'm hoping will work with the level of width adjustment on my CT, when it arrives, but I fear I might have to buy the narrower one for the back.
  3. Taycan delay - 8 weeks due to battery supplier fire

    Out of interest, when does your car first appear in the app in any form? Relative to the slot you've been told about that is. Mine is still blank and I have a supposed September build slot. Seeing it there would make things feel more real.
  4. Porsche Bike Rack (step by step picture of the installation)

    I am surprised Porsche haven't found a way to add a camera/sensors to the end of such an expensive, bespoke bike rack. I can get 4 road bikes on my Thule on the hitch so this is an expensive retrograde step and reversing will still be a nightmare! Current one takes about 60 seconds to fit or...