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  1. Anyone with a long port delay noticed any damage to car?

    Curious for those who had their car sitting at ports for months - any damage/issues? flat spots in tires, battery health, etc. Probably hard to tell. I know mice getting into wiring is a big issue for some car companies doing this.
  2. Definitive Burmester delay thread

    for those of us waiting on Burmester (there is a stop sale on the amp), might be useful to collect info on our situation. I'll keep this table up to date if you reply, even if already delivered so we can start to get a sense of how long it's taking. Model Completed Production (CP8) Current...
  3. Delayed car feels lost in the system

    Trying to figure out if my situation is unusual. From what I’ve gathered, it seems to be. After initially being scheduled for a 2/18 production date, it was bumped to April on 2/17. But whatever, the good news was that it was supposedly built on 4/8 and hit Emden on 4/12. It’s a Taycan 4S CT...