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  1. jijitalia

    New Batteries cells for '23 models ?

    Hi - Just got this news and would like to have some feedback to confort it - apparently Porsche with the latest Sport Tourismo GTS, batteries are already enhanced (new generation)what can explain a better score re the range ... and they wanna to spread these on '23 models : RWD / 4S / TURBOs...
  2. jijitalia

    Original Horn sucks... want to replace with air pump horn

    Anyone know where the horn are / is located ? wanna add some more powerful horn - not easy with all hidden connection !
  3. jijitalia

    interior accent col from ext paint (too lite for me ... extending inside col accent )???

    Hi I am ordering a Sport Tourismo RWD (I believe u don't have this option yet in US) ext white / int black - just a very tiny extra spec such as black door handles...and with the interior accent with exterior paint (I just find the 4 pieces colored a bit not enough !) So to add a bit of colored...