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  1. Gubbjaevel

    Dash cams

    Battery is attached under the seat. Yes the seat can't go all the way down (low indeed!)
  2. Gubbjaevel

    Porsche Precision Track Experience @ Rudskogen, Norway

    Have the precision app but "Taycn currently not supported" :( Would have loved more analysis.
  3. Gubbjaevel

    Porsche Precision Track Experience @ Rudskogen, Norway

    First step on drivers ed - Porsche Precision. Fantastic experience with great tutours, nice people, beautiful cars and incredible weather (Scandinavia-wise anyway). 2 days leaves a lasting impression, and lots of new knowledge imprinted. Car is great on track, but very heavy. Eats up rubber...
  4. Gubbjaevel

    Innodrive System

    I agree with this - I brought that concern up with my PC rep 2 years ago as this system gives the user a sense of safety when the system is active, but does not actively inform when it disengages the system. A small vibration on the wheel would be all it takes. Other than that PID/ALK is...
  5. Gubbjaevel

    How much HP does a Turbo S REALLY have? Dyno Run Video

    I believe 200 Nm more torque explains that? Easier movement of the massive weight. I believe Turbo would have very similar numbers. I'm positively surprised, as P officially stated ~625 HP continous power.
  6. Gubbjaevel

    How much HP does a Turbo S REALLY have? Dyno Run Video

    There, fixed it. TS: 715 HP continous, torque peaked 890 Nm. (This is obvs. non-LC) 4S (1): 4S (2): Quote: "Horsepower was somewhere close to 450, right through the run, and torque peaked around 600"
  7. Gubbjaevel

    A SWAG - How long will my Taycan battery last?

    Just re-read the warranty re: batteries. At least here in Scandinavia; it says if your battery is 65% - they will repair it up to 70%+ to make you within the warranty. No more. So don't hope for too much, even in a warranty case. I seem to remember some P exec said "in the day" (2019?) that...
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    Porsche should stay out of electric game!

    Man this forum has... changed... a lot in the last year. 1) Sorry about your lemon, man. I truly am. Me, and most of my Taycan friends, are happy as can be. 2+ years now and almost 25,000 miles for me. I hope the situation gets solves professionally for you. 2) Apple takeover of P? Gtfoh -...
  9. Gubbjaevel

    break in

    Put your car keys in your microwave. (It's a Farraday cage, making sure the microwaves doesn't excite the wrong atoms....) Then as an addition if you leave just after eating your keys will be nice and warm.
  10. Gubbjaevel

    Painted Sport Chrono Bezel Cover

    Could you ask for his email and post here?
  11. Gubbjaevel

    Stretch out battery??

    That was what you did with the old NiCd batteries.... 20+ years ago.... Not applicable to our battery chemistry, afaik!
  12. Gubbjaevel

    Driving time?

    Gents, Know what really grinds my gears?!?! (sarcasm, yes. 1st world problem indeed) Why, oh why, does the "Driving time" keep ticking when you're in Park mode? (And therefore the "average speed" decreasing). Is there a reason for this?
  13. Gubbjaevel


    The good to know app is fantastic. Don't know why it's not being supplied to new customers nowadays...
  14. Gubbjaevel

    Taycan plastic parts - modification ideas?

    That was 2020. It can be done by reputable detailers who knows what they are doing. And can I say I agree? The plastic details on the Taycan does not do the car justice. I thought the original version was so so... then came CT (!!!!).... But have seen some nice cover ups which lasts, so go for it.
  15. Gubbjaevel

    Painting Brake Calipers

    I'm intending to do this during the spring - I will let PC handle all of it so it will still be Porsche Approved. Will update when done! Would appreciate input from others who have done it.
  16. Gubbjaevel

    SOH of battery of my Taycan 4S 93kWh battery after 30.000 km

    Interesting! Almost 2yrs old Taycan Turbo here. Wonder how reliable this reading is?
  17. Gubbjaevel

    Direct Charging

    On AC, yes. "Plug and Charge", "RFID" card were mentionned - meaning DC.