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  1. Gubbjaevel

    Porsche Precision Track Experience @ Rudskogen, Norway

    First step on drivers ed - Porsche Precision. Fantastic experience with great tutours, nice people, beautiful cars and incredible weather (Scandinavia-wise anyway). 2 days leaves a lasting impression, and lots of new knowledge imprinted. Car is great on track, but very heavy. Eats up rubber...
  2. Gubbjaevel

    Driving time?

    Gents, Know what really grinds my gears?!?! (sarcasm, yes. 1st world problem indeed) Why, oh why, does the "Driving time" keep ticking when you're in Park mode? (And therefore the "average speed" decreasing). Is there a reason for this?
  3. Gubbjaevel

    Happy New Year

    Ladies and Gents, Not too active here anymore, but I still feel like this is a "nice" forum. Wish you all the best in 2022! Mine is pushing 35,000km+ and loving it. Intend to keep her for 10+ years.
  4. Gubbjaevel

    [Official] Porsche official recall July 2021 Porsche is reviewing and updating the software for the power electronics and the engine control unit on approximately 43,000 units of Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo vehicles from the 2020 to 2021 model years, of...
  5. Gubbjaevel

    V2L - Any news/rumours/indications?

    Has anyone heard/seen/read anything regarding future capabilities for V2L/G (Vehicle to Load/Grid).
  6. Gubbjaevel

    Avante design bodykit

    L&G, Another one. Concept only, as far as I understand: Kinda like the rear...
  7. Gubbjaevel

    Vivid Racing Taycan Carbon Fiber Aero Kit & Wheels Released

    Reasonably acceptably nice kit. Complete kit: 6kUSD All except the wing looks OK to me. From VR themselves: VR Aero Porsche Taycan Carbon Fiber Aero Kit First Look – Massive Photo...
  8. Gubbjaevel

    Post 3397 update: Range function issues?

    Just got mine back from the latest WMA5/6 update - now SW 3397. Observed a change in behaviour on range mode on the way back. On Car/Trip in the menu - you can see energy flows. (blue = usage, green regen, 2WD/4WD). Before in range mode I clearly saw the rear wheels disengage when gently...
  9. Gubbjaevel

    WMA5/WMA6 updates spring 2021

    Gents, Seen some general info about the update, but nothing too specific. (This thread, and this post: Also saw @Dee post some info on FB, but couldn't find it now that I was looking for it. As far as I know, in...
  10. Gubbjaevel

    Dashcam available via mobile data? #2

    L&G, Continuing on my previous thread where I browsed around a bit, have now searched quite extensively but haven't found anything to my satisfaction. Understand Blackvue LTE cams would fit the bill of my first post, but I AFAIK it will only be installed into the 12V system - which is a no go...
  11. Gubbjaevel

    Happy New Year fellow Taycan dudes and dudettes!

    L&G, It's been an interesting year for all - I'm sure. Still in love with the Taycan and I don't see any reason to change.... (unless they would release a Tayconvertible!) (you heard it here first!) For 2021, I'm looking forward to: * Less quarantine, moving slowly back to a normal society...
  12. Gubbjaevel

    Dashcam available via mobile data?

    L&D, Anyone know of any Dashcam that you could connect to via phone/mobile data, either standalone or using car's sim?
  13. Gubbjaevel

    Taycan 4S tuning - hypothetically

    Gents, I know it isn't going to happen this year, but perhaps next? Facts (ish): 1) 4S+ has 490hp constant, 570hp on Launch control for a few seconds. 2) T has 625 hp constant, 680 hp on Launch control for a few seconds. Assumptions: 1 ) The wiring will be the same for all cars (4S, T, TS)...
  14. Gubbjaevel

    Functions on Demand (FoD) - when will it become available?

    Ladies and Gents, Anyone heard anything / gotten any indication on when the FoD will become available in our cars?
  15. Gubbjaevel


    Gents, Any thoughts on if and when Porsche would release a convertible version of the Taycan? Would there be a market for it?
  16. Gubbjaevel

    Steering wheel colour stripe

    Gents, Any suggestions on how to get this onto the beautiful Taycan steering wheel? Electrical tape is out, just so that's said :) Edit: Found this thread. Will review and see. Has anyone else done it already, perhaps...