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  1. VolcanoGrey

    It breaks my heart a little…

    My family finds the taycan turbo CT to he uncomfortable. Too hard to get out of, seats are too reclined and hurts my partners hip joints on long drive (we are fit but not the youngest people). No adjustments (18 of them!) fix the seat issue. Myself? I love it. Our other car is a G63 which they...
  2. VolcanoGrey

    Navigation voice command - but not to my iPhone

    I was wondering if I can do a “Porsche navigate to …” while my phone is connected for music and calls (not CarPlay) and have it go to the car nav but not Apple navigation.
  3. VolcanoGrey

    Multiple iPhones in the car…how to set default?

    I have my iPhone as the starred phone, but when my family joins me in the car the CarPlay seems to attach to their phones aggressively and replaces their 5G internet with the car hotspot which means their internet becomes spotty. I would like my phone to always be the default for speakerphone...
  4. VolcanoGrey

    Homelink Profile - I don’t get it…

    When I approach my house a pop-up tells me I’m in near My Homelink location. But when I press the pop up my garage door doesn’t open. I’m not even sure if the pop up is a button. So I have to X out of it and then I can press the soft button in its normal location. Can I disable the pop up? I...
  5. VolcanoGrey

    One more question: what do you use your FRUNK for?

    Secret candy? A bowler hat? Boxing gloves?
  6. VolcanoGrey

    Keeping interior cool / AC on after leaving car?

    Hello, in my previous car, an I-pace, I could press a button before I left the car to keep the AC on for 30 minutes. Not quite dog mode but still useful and easily accessible. I know I can use the app to cool the car but is there a function in the car I can set? I’ve had the new Turbo for a...