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  1. Fedex77

    Prewire Porsche Dashcam (front/rear) Option?

    The only problem would be if there the wiring is a proprietary connector that will not work with an aftermarket dashcam without some understanding of the wiring diagram
  2. Fedex77

    Smart lift settings gone?

    Just had a recent OTA update and now my smart lift does not automatically come on, nor does it ask to save a location. it’s still turned on in PCM and the geolocations are saved….
  3. Fedex77

    Car arrived, but dealer is cancelling the sale?

    That’s interesting if true. it will definitely hurt the free market for cars
  4. Fedex77

    20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    Does the Taycans 2 year service really require 4 hours of labor? Sounds like that’s the major cost
  5. Fedex77

    20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    This looks like a glorified multipoint inspection, a brake flush and filter replacement
  6. Fedex77

    PCM 6.0 update notice coming for 2020-2021 models over next 30 days

    I don’t like the new look PCM. I’d only upgrade if there was a functionality or performance improvement
  7. Fedex77

    Apple Music questions

    Do you lose access to native Apple Music after your Porsche connect subscription expires?
  8. Fedex77

    LED Matrix Headlights

    They sold a product that was deactivated due to DOT regulations. The simple solution would have been to ever offer the option here, but they sold it and now there are no restrictions on its functionality
  9. Fedex77

    LED Matrix Headlights

    I’m sure a good lawyer could band together enough customers to change their mind
  10. Fedex77

    Tinted Glass Roof

    I believe it’s already tinted for light transmission and UV.
  11. Fedex77

    Porsche Insurance (in California), is it any good?

    I’m using GEICO and it’s $1700 per 6 months for a 2021 4S and a Range Rover Sport
  12. Fedex77

    Is Porsche starting to cheapen the interior?

    First time Porsche owner: definitely disappointed in the quality of the interior finish. But I’m beginning to understand that it’s a performance brand so that’s where my money is spent
  13. Fedex77

    Is there any warning sounds for blind spot detection & adaptive cruise control + lane keep assists ?

    Wow imagine that…it’s scary to drive a car without holding the steering wheel or looking at the road ahead!
  14. Fedex77

    Watch collectors - let's talk watches here!

    any recommendations? I like that style in a dive watch. I looked at the Hublot as well. Really like the Vacheron fiftysix or patrimony in a non-dive
  15. Fedex77

    Watch collectors - let's talk watches here!

    In the market for an AP Royal Oak and the market is just frustrating. Will only sell based on “relationships” - meaning I need to buy an in stock watch to get the one I actually want.
  16. Fedex77

    Taycan: Buyer be aware or how to go from soul electrified to soul crushed

    Dealers don’t have spare tires let alone complex parts they also don’t have enough “Taycan certified” technicians, further worsening the problem.
  17. Fedex77

    Crack in inner lip of tire sidewall - Replace or watch?!

    Not worried about warranty since I have the tire replacement policy. It was so subtle that I didn’t pick it up aside from my boy scout practice of inspecting the car before driving. of course the tire isn’t in stock so it’ll get replaced next week…