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  1. Rcrewse7

    Anyone make the drive from the EA charger in Winslow, AZ to the EA chargers in Tempe?

    Yes, that actually sounds about right as I’ve found that the estimated percentage does a good job accounting for elevation change, Highway speeds etc. Not sure how the chargers are doing in Flagstaff at the moment (mixed reviews on PlugShare lately), but I had my fastest charge there going...
  2. Rcrewse7

    Anyone make the drive from the EA charger in Winslow, AZ to the EA chargers in Tempe?

    I’ve made the drive from Gilbert to Flagstaff which is almost the exact same distance as from Winslow. I had 17% left in my PBP 4S arriving to Flagstaff and did not drive economically. I don’t recall how much I had left when driving back, but it was a non issue coming down in elevation.
  3. Rcrewse7

    2000 New EVgo Charging Stations Coming to 500 Locations on US Highways (Joint Project by GM & Pilot)

    I hope EVGO uses improved chargers relative to what EA uses. While on the one hand I’ve had no connection issues now for a long time, on the other my local EA chargers (both 150kw and 350kw) charge at 40-50KW max when it’s over 100 degrees here in Phoenix.
  4. Rcrewse7

    Taycans in AZ - Group Drive

    Nice. I haven’t seen a Mamba green in person yet, but am definitely seeing more Taycans driving in the East Valley.
  5. Rcrewse7

    Taycan 4S tuning - hypothetically

    Sounds like development took a bit longer than expected, however they are reporting that they will wrap up in late July. Fingers crossed, as I’m anxious to see what kind of extra performance they are able to squeeze. On another note, I had seen that Manhart, a German tuning company, had...
  6. Rcrewse7

    175kw from 150kw charger

    I’ll add that I’ve only just recently seen upwards of 178kw from the 150kw charger I use most frequently. I’ve also neared the 270kw max charge rate with 267kw pulled from a 350kw charger before.
  7. Rcrewse7

    Taycan 4S tuning - hypothetically

    Latest update suggests that development is proceeding well with details available in May.
  8. Rcrewse7

    I'm the idiot whose Taycan was towed after running the SOC to 0%

    Done the PHX - Vegas route twice in my 21 4S. Should be fine cruising in range mode and having fun in Sports Plus mode on the way up to charge in Kingman. Got in at 7% on one trip, just depends where you start from in the valley. The way back downhill is no problem. Drop me a PM if you’re...
  9. Rcrewse7

    What is the "power" difference you get with Sports Chrono pack?

    Yes, when I test drove a Taycan without Sports Chrono and saw that I still had Sports Plus available in the chassis settings, I knew I was skipping the option. I almost exclusively drive in the Sports Plus chassis setting as I like it lowered and more responsive.
  10. Rcrewse7

    What is the "power" difference you get with Sports Chrono pack?

    I didn’t opt for the sports chrono package as I knew that the actual benefits were slim to none for the Taycan vs ICE Porsches. The one thing that I wouldn’t mind is the increased volume of the sport sound, as I actually love it. If only coding a Taycan was as easy as BMW’s when I used to do...
  11. Rcrewse7

    Taycan 4S tuning - hypothetically

    For sure. Definitely think that at least Turbo levels of power should be readily achievable since this is the model where it's actually published that it's a detuned drivetrain.
  12. Rcrewse7

    Taycan 4S tuning - hypothetically

    Received an update from Steinbauer Engineering this morning stating that they are working towards a Spring release for the Taycan 4S tuning module, with more details to be forthcoming. Will keep you all posted.
  13. Rcrewse7

    Details of "Standard Audio" setup

    I was considering the base system for a little bit as my previous Audi had a standard 10 speaker 150 watt system in it. Of course not totally apples to apples even if both in the VW group, however my Audi system was OK to moderate volumes. One quick listen to the Bose system in the dealer’s...
  14. Rcrewse7

    Taycan 4S tuning - hypothetically

    Whew, it’s not just me who feels it! The gear change definitely happens earlier and has been discussed elsewhere on the forum. I usually feel it a little above 50 mph, although I’ve read it can go all the way to 62 mph when being launched. Yet, to your point, it almost feels like a gear...
  15. Rcrewse7

    Taycan 4S tuning - hypothetically

    So I’ve asked myself this same question about tuning my 4S since before delivery in April of this year. I’ve been a fan of tuning my ICE cars for a long time, and love to take advantage of some of the performance that manufacturers regularly leave on the table for model hierarchy and...
  16. Rcrewse7

    Help! Calling ex Tesla Model 3 owners

    I know that EA charging has had major hiccups along the way, but it’s worth mentioning that your mileage may vary at EA chargers, with the experience for some differing greatly from others. I took delivery of my 4S in April, and plug and charge worked right out of the box. As a whole...
  17. Rcrewse7

    Taycan Battery Pack Teardown

    This video is back up. Obviously this tear down doesn't go into the level of detail of the chips used in the BMS and other systems, but the added (?) range of the new GTS has me wondering what advancements they’ve made, if any, with the same size pack.
  18. Rcrewse7

    Standard interior

    Limestone Beige here BTW
  19. Rcrewse7

    Standard interior

    Honestly, I never paid attention or noticed the fake part until after going through this thread. I pointed it out to my wife and she could tell the difference when feeling for it, but definitely couldn’t tell by looking at it, and thought it was no big deal. I think Porsche did it pretty...
  20. Rcrewse7

    OFFICIAL: TeslaTap Mini Adapter GROUP BUY is now AVAILABLE

    Ordered and tracking received. Thank you very much!