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  1. phil-c

    20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    Hello everyone me, I just got out of the 30,000 km maintenance and I paid 881 euros in belgium
  2. phil-c

    Help! Calling ex Tesla Model 3 owners

    Hello, My first maintenance is 30,000 km or 18,750 miles I had a model s before
  3. phil-c

    Contemplating coming over from Model 3 - advice needed

    Hello tomtom, i come from a tesla s and today i own a taycan 4 s + and when you try a porsche we only expect one thing when my taycan arrives and the autopilot of the tesla s i forgot it without problems. have a good trip with the Taycan and especially the after sales service nothing to do with...
  4. phil-c

    The first year with my Taycan 4S

    this is a weird tesla charger it works! :movember:
  5. phil-c

    Problem with my smartphone application

    Hello, You went to the Porsche dealer, me it's at Kronos and I made an appointment? Next Friday!
  6. phil-c

    Problem with my smartphone application

    thank you for the answer I have submitted a request to not Porsche assistance I am waiting for an answer
  7. phil-c

    Problem with my smartphone application

    Hello, I have a problem with my smartphone application that does not connect to the car for example to put the heating in the car so no connection between iphone and the car on the other hand as soon as I open the doors with the remote control the car is on powered up and there I have the...
  8. phil-c

    Car misting up

    Hello, I use the eco mode and the speed on 4 and the fog disappears quickly:rock::rock::rock: