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  1. Kayone73

    Custom sun/heat shield for the Cross Turismo 👍🏼😎

    Found a solution to my panoramic glass roof in the sun issue. I got a custom made heatshield that fits my roof within 98% accuracy and does a great job blocking out the glare of the summer sun especially when parked outdoor all day...
  2. Kayone73

    Taycan ST Turbo on the Autobahn (video review)

    OOS Reviews going VMax in a Taycan Sport Turismo Turbo on the Autobahn, very jealous 👍🏼 Also they point out some interesting tidbits that doing max speed runs followed immediately by DC fast charging up the battery don't mix well due to limitations in thermal battery management. 🤔
  3. Kayone73

    Karma GSe-6 spotted...(Southern California)

    Was out for dinner yesterday and spotted this Karma Revero EV pre production test mule in the same parking lot. Weirdly this was the SECOND Revero I spotted the same day, the other one was a different color and passed me on the street. This pre pro car looked old and kind of beat up close...
  4. Kayone73

    992 GT3RS sighting?

    Huh, I think I just spotted the pre production 992 GT3RS tooling around in Costa Mesa 🤔 Caught this morning while I was out running errands in the area.
  5. Kayone73

    Macan EV release delayed to 2024

    Porsche pushes back release of Macan EV to 2024, cites delay due to continued software development
  6. Kayone73

    Yet another Q about the 22 kW onboard charger option

    Sorry to post yet another Q about the 22 kW onboard charger option, but with the recent press announcement that cars not equipped now have the option to have the faster on board charger retrofitted to their cars: Im trying to figure out whether a 22 kW on board charger will charge up batteries...
  7. Kayone73

    The mystery of the Acoustic Simulator module - what the hell does this do??

    So for context, when I ordered my car and the build was complete out of the factory, I was able to look up the VIN and see there were a couple minor missing components thanks to the global parts shortage: Fortunately neither components (phone charging pad or acoustic Simulator module) would...
  8. Kayone73

    EU mandating installing speed tracking hardware in all new cars (Autoblog) Yup that's exactly what it sounds like 🤔
  9. Kayone73

    Active Cruise Control (ACC) question 🤔

    Sorry for what may be a stupid Q, I tried to use due diligence and search but after combing thru a half dozen search results, couldn't find the answer to my question. When using ACC on the freeway, I can figure out how to adjust the following distance to the car in front of me. I think the...
  10. Kayone73

    Another reason to love height adjustable air suspension 🍔

    Especially on the Cross Turismo, max lift height puts me in direct eyeline of most drive thru windows 👍🏼🍟🍔
  11. Kayone73

    2021+ owners - how consistently has EA Plug & Charge been working for you?

    Just curious what the collective owners of MY 2021 and newer cars experience has been with the direct Plug and Charge feature with the EA network for DC fast chargers, especially taking advantage of these free 3 years charging sessions. For those who don't understand what I'm talking about...
  12. Kayone73

    My CT 4S - back from the dead!

    I posted about my accident earlier this year (commerical truck wasn't watching when wandering into my lane and clipping my front bumper, tearing it off). NOTE: NOBODY WAS HURT IN ACCIDENT AND NO PASSENGERS INVOLVED, WERE FINE, JUST FOCUS DISCUSSION ON THE CAR PLEASE. But after a long 16 Wks...
  13. Kayone73

    Trying out a Tesla - > J1772 40A rated plug adapter

    Just ordered myself one of these, will be a handy little accessory to throw in the trunk of my car in for multiple situations: 1. Multiple free Tesla lvl 2 public destination chargers where I live 2. Many of my friends who have Tesla mobile connectors at their home who are more than OK with me...
  14. Kayone73

    Fun with timed charging programs...

    So I learned that a timed charging program on my wall mounted level 2 charger & a time charging program in the car, do NOT PLAY WELL together. Since the programming of timed charging on the Taycan is a convoluted mess using customized charging profiles & a separate timer feature. until I...
  15. Kayone73

    My DIY mod of the front fender air vents.

    Did a quick DIY Home Depot mod on my 2021 Taycan CT 4S. Since I didn't option the power chart port doors, I have the free flowing air vents from the front wheel wells to the doors. I purchased some black aluminum mesh and screws and installation of the mesh pieces in my front fenders. I...
  16. Kayone73

    Best interior screen protector film for purchase?

    Looking for a complete screen protector film set for the Taycan interior (sold by a US based retailer), just wondering if there are any cheaper high quality alternatives to the set offered by Suncoast Parts website The options I found on Amazon...
  17. Kayone73

    Manual charge port doors - side door rock protection idea?

    Question to owners without the power chart port cover doors (the manual door flaps). How many of you have experienced rocks and gravel flying thru the air flow passages leading to rock damage on your doors? Instead of going the more expensive route of installing PPF on the side doors I'm...
  18. Kayone73

    20" aftermarket wheel options?

    I optioned my CT4S with stock 20" wheels and I don't want to do 21" wheels and keep the same tires. Just curious what good 20" aftermarket wheel options with stock fitment are out there?
  19. Kayone73

    Watch collectors - let's talk watches here!

    So I recently got into the high horology game the last year or so, here's my current humble collection: Shinola automatic Monster Diver watch Grand Seiko SBGA413 Spring drive Casio GMA-S2100 G shock aka the 'Casioak'
  20. Kayone73

    Does this trick for maximizing battery charge range actually work? ?

    Sharing this post from the FB Taycan owners group, this 4S owner with the Performance + battery pack was showing off a max 100% charged battery range of 504 km = 311 mi In the comments the owner insists he drives normally wasn't hypermiling to get that range, and the only truck he seems to do...