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  1. CarbonTax

    when should I expect a TYD "On Vessel" update?

    I missed last week's boat (Confucius), my taycan sitting in Emden since 23 July now I see that SFL Composer is moored at Emden and was wondering, for those that can recall how soon after your Porsche was loaded on a vehicle carrier did you get your TYD "On Vessel" update? viel Angst :oops:
  2. CarbonTax

    taycan RWD US vehicle carrier moored at Emden port!

    it looks like, with any luck, my Taycan rwd production completed 20 June should be loaded on SIEM CONFUCIUS today en route to Baltimore (USA) fingers crossed and anxious AF :fingerscrossed:
  3. CarbonTax

    German dock workers strike - vehicle ships anchored

    so much for my rwd taycan one month delivery delay due to the NHTSA recall and updates :mad:
  4. CarbonTax

    New PCNA message for US cars "production completed"

    Went to check the latest on my RWD Taycan which completed production June 21. The old Ukraine parts disruption pop-up has been replaced with: Dear customer, PCNA is aware of new delays in shipping completed vehicles currently awaiting loading in Port of Emden. The delays are due to shipping...
  5. CarbonTax

    Taycan July delivery info - Emden > Baltimore

    Anyone else waiting on a Taycan delivery this month? My vehicle completed production and was in transit to Emden as of June 21... update on Porsche TYD in last 2 weeks. Anyone know how to get a hold of a shipping manifest?
  6. CarbonTax

    VW deal to sell electrify America stake to Siemens... VW deal to sell electrify America stake to Siemens does this mean a boost to Porsche charging installations ???