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  1. galaxyclass

    0% range left

    Using the Tesla MS, I did arrive at a charging station having 1% SoC left multiple times. That said, the battery was new and all cells were functioning as specified. With increased aged, the delta voltage (difference between cellular min and max cell voltage) can be 0.1V and higher, forcing the...
  2. galaxyclass

    My Porsche Driving Experience Hockenheimring (Meine Porsche Fahrerlebnis Hockenheimring) Taycan Turbo – 911 carrera 4S

    I was booked for Sep 25, 9 am. However I had to cancel due to a medical cse in my family. In case anyone was wait-listed, there‘s this slot available.
  3. galaxyclass

    New Features on 2021 Taycan

    Yes you‘re right, it was just a kind of memory refresh not to forget this brick :cool:... Have a mobile charger already in my wife‘s M3 frunk:) and will most probably store in the the garage. Did like Tesla‘s early 22 kW „dual charger“ option. It did allow for a simple extension, open for the...
  4. galaxyclass

    New Features on 2021 Taycan

    cherry with black/chalk is my final built as well - code PMMC9PW9 to check it out
  5. galaxyclass

    New Features on 2021 Taycan

    Changed my config this morning immediately after the release of MY2021. My sales advisor replied saying he'd be happy to add the 22kW mobile connector free of charge, even if not showing up in the configurator. I couldn't resist :) . Changed car color to cherry, changed seat color, added sun...
  6. galaxyclass

    No headlamp washers?

    Washers are a must-have for Xenon lamps with light emission greater than 2000 lumen - typically corresponds to 25W power. The rule does not apply for LED headlights such as the Taycan has. One of the reasons for Tesla having shipped the earlier Model S versions with 25W lamps only, just to save...
  7. galaxyclass

    Cherry Metallic Taycan

    Great pics - looks pretty close to the renderings in the Hongkonk configurator, and confirms my preference for this color. Just need to reconfigure seat color and other options again... Nice luxurious problem:).
  8. galaxyclass

    Cherry Metallic Taycan

    Hmmm. Had put my hopes on Cherry... Just put Burgundy next to Cherry on the big screen.. Looks pretty close. The old red 911 looks close to Carmine Red... However a Macan in Carmine Red looks different from a Taycan... @pEAkfrEAk: have you been taking a picture of the sample?
  9. galaxyclass

    New Features on 2021 Taycan

    Still hoping for the 22kW charger. Arriving with low SoC having 2-3h left before moving was one of my repeating Tesla S use cases. I do agree that charging at home at 11kW should be good enough in most cases, unless one is a night owl.
  10. galaxyclass

    New Porsche Mobile Charger Plus - 11kW

    I insisted to remove the mandatory charger from my order (exp. delivery in November), as I have a 22kW wallbox installed. Wasn‘t a big deal at the end. The charger does not show up on my order confirmation. It is overpriced anyway, compared to competitive products.
  11. galaxyclass

    New Members Say Hello Here!

    Hi there, My name is Tommy. I do live in the southern part of Porsche-county close to the Swiss border. Me and my wife own a Tesla model 3, a RAM 1500 and a Mercedes SLK. I gave my Tesla Model S to the Porsche dealer two weeks ago. Charge- and Batterygate turned a dream car into an devaluating...
  12. galaxyclass

    2021 Model Year Taycan configurator comes online for some markets, showing 7 new colors

    No, the contract lists nothing more than the car's code Y1ADB1 w/o the MY. Build should be close to pickup a the manufacturing site, thus I guess mine is built later than yours.
  13. galaxyclass

    2021 Model Year Taycan configurator comes online for some markets, showing 7 new colors

    Same here, have a May config for delivery in Oct or Nov and 22kW is in my contract.
  14. galaxyclass

    First official look: 7 new colors for 2021 Taycan: Neptune Blue, Cherry, Frozenberry, Coffee Beige, Mohagony, Ice Grey, Crayon

    Wife said: change comfig colour to Cherry. Dealer said: it‘s coming... He‘ll have samples soon
  15. galaxyclass

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    First post - and happy to share the order I just signed 1h ago. Code is PLP9BCM4. It's a 4S with a couple of nice technology add-ons. I cut myself short on the "lifestyle accessories". They look nice to me, but to my personal experience they become a bit boring over time once you see them every...