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  1. New order build turbo

    i get it, i just added the sport design package because as i see it, im already in deep on price, i dont want to be the guy saying i should of added that option, ditto on the turbo comment, could not agree more, i am very fortunate to afford this amazing piece of engineering, i have been...
  2. New order build turbo

    i added the sport design kit, it looks much more aggressive after spending some time on the config clicking it on/off, did you decide to go pccb route for the brakes? I am still on the fence on that option. I have i believe until the end of the month before it locks in.
  3. Demonstration / discussion of burmester sound system in taycan turbo

    i clicked on it and it worked for me... let me know if it still doesnt work, search youtube "porsche taycan burmester" 5:51 long video by L&B
  4. Demonstration / discussion of burmester sound system in taycan turbo

    I found this video on youtube that demonstrates to some degree the burmester sound system. It seems to be a fantastic option for the audio aficionados.
  5. New order build turbo

    Yea i kept the blue lights, do some research on pccb vs pscb, they are great for someone like myself who is not gonna track this car. I like the white calipers as they accent the black rims with the body color of the car. I’m on the fence about the sport design side skirts, the current body kit...
  6. New order build turbo

    Thanks, i asked but they had no allocations for a turbo s. I wanted a new car for the new year. This car is stupid fast and made me sick when i test drove it. After that, i was fine with turbo allocation and save the 35k tickets and lawyers. It is so hard to drive the speed limit in this...
  7. New order build turbo

    Thank you to all of you who have taken time out of your day to comment and reflect on the options that you like/dislike about your beautiful porsche taycan. The latest spec changes i made are below... -body colored mirrors -leather steering wheel w heating -Interior accents in dark silver...
  8. New order build turbo

    What is the opinions of you guys with your steering wheel option? Leather or Racetex? Im gonna add the chalk seat belts, adds a little touch to the interior. I also added interior accents in Dark Silver. Its my understanding that the turbo comes with the lower body kit, are you saying the...
  9. New order build turbo

    I was thinking about the sport design package, I’m still on the fence about it. Your spec is beautiful! I thought the additional screen would be beneficial for the passenger. I also read potential updates would give the screen more functionality, Netflix, etc. I appreciate your reply...
  10. New order build turbo

    Thank u for the well thought out reply highlights, this community is unbelievable and I have lurked for months on here before I signed up, About the glacier blue headlights, what do u not like about them? Is the color bad? Doesn’t look good? Can u be a bit more specific?
  11. New order build turbo

    Thanks so glad u mentioned that, I’ll uncheck it!
  12. New order build turbo My spec for turbo build for February 2021 est delivery. Please feel free to comment if you like. I was debating on ceramics but decided the standard brakes are plenty for my needs. Plus I like the white calipers on the std option with my build. I can’t...
  13. What did you negotiate on your Taycan lease agreements?

    thanks for the reply, i go in tomorrow to finalize my spec and put down my deposit for my build. The least out of pocket for me is the best option as i make my living as a trader. The lease numbers i have seen are 3k-4k a month depending on options. I may just go the financing route...
  14. What did you negotiate on your Taycan lease agreements?

    I am looking at a heavily optioned turbo build. I am looking at the 36 month lease with 15k a year. I would like to know some baseline of what others are negotiating on their leases. feel free to pm me if you like. I test drove the car and i am speechless. WOW!