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  1. Bettery Degradation after 6 Month - 11% can it be ?

    So better to charge at home then:)
  2. 22KW charging

    Hi, Yes for now the max is 11Kw. Thats what the hardware on the car supports.
  3. Yellow... YELLOW TAYCAN?!!?

    looks kool with the 19’’
  4. Ditch the PMCC (for now)?

    maybe its a Europe specific function? I was able to deactivate. it has not comeback since then. I hope there is a way to deactivate for you too
  5. Taycan Turbo S vs Cheetah Stance Model S drag race

    I think the car needs to be at its lowest for cheetah to function probably, but I could be wrong
  6. Taycan Turbo S vs Cheetah Stance Model S drag race

    I kinda feel bad for Tesla, but the result is the result. Although in the real world this does not matter, two good cars for their target audiences
  7. Taycan PCM is an embarrassment

    well I agree with him, it is probably not the best, but I by a car to get from A-B as fast and as safely as possible. and a phone or ipad for tech. so overall it does not bother me that PCM is good or bad. PCM is low down on my requirements for a user experience. however if one finds this a...
  8. Why is 85% battery recommended as the normal maximum?

    same here I set my EVs to 90%, but I charger once or twice a week
  9. Just got my black Taycan 4S delivered

    340 km of driving and mine now shows 417km of range at 100%
  10. do I really need Sport Chrono?

    I have Rear wheel steering and PDCC. These along with the instant power even in range, makes the car sporty. if you’re into comfortable driving you do not need the chrono pack. I would rather spend the money on PDCC, this way you limit body roll whilst maximising comfort
  11. do I really need Sport Chrono?

    Sports plus, I believe stiffens the suspeset up and lowers even more the car. Not sure it does much with the throttle response? ( I have it only ever driven in Range around town). It also helps optimise the battery temp, but again I have only driven 300KM in my car so I have not needed that...
  12. Neptune blue!

    just buy it in Neptune, you will learn to love it. every car apart from black, i have every chosen I have in the end learned to love:-) its part of the journey
  13. Ditch the PMCC (for now)?

    Next time you charge wait until you get the error message and the screen turns reddish. Once the charger ‘screen’ turns red follow the instructions. they guide you through the steps required.
  14. Delay

    might wanna check the mileage when it arrives :cool:
  15. Ditch the PMCC (for now)?

    i had the same, I deactivated the grounding warning and now all is fine
  16. Back seats 2+1

    There are no Cons, just looks like a normal interior with 2+1
  17. Ditch the PMCC (for now)?

    Issues or not I have bought another charger thats easier to use, not smart. Just gets the job done.