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    What was the spec Jason — Blue ?
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    Don’t curb the wheels!!

    They also confirmed that only certain personal at the depot are being allowed to do tyre pressures !!! This will really fxxx up the AA man
  3. Jdqt458

    Don’t curb the wheels!!

    Heard from one dealer today who thought ( unquote) that Porsche could be concerned of third party’s jacking the car and damaging the battery system That comment I just can’t believe ,!!
  4. Jdqt458

    Don’t curb the wheels!!

    Take it to an independent wheel refurb company for inspection and report back .
  5. Jdqt458

    2021 Taycan New Colors Samples / Swatches

    Buy the car and change the wife !
  6. Jdqt458

    Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Great shots , What interior did you go for ? Any shots ?
  7. Jdqt458

    Drove her hard

    What a Sad World !
  8. Jdqt458

    Drove her hard

  9. Jdqt458

    Contrast stitching - has Porsche lost the plot?

    Ah - but remember it takes many hands and much knowledge to change that reel . It’s commonly known as the Ferrari fix !!
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    2021 Taycan Changes & New Features — Official Announcement

    Heated Front Seats now appear as standard ( FOC ) With front and rear combined as option.
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    Switching from BMW X5 35d to Taycan 4S - Decisions Decisions

    Great Spec . Agree with the comments regarding Sport Chrono. But Standard Black Leather . Is this Partial Leather? Surely a well specced Taycan as this is — should include Full Leather !!
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    Stuck in Southampton!!!!

    So what’s the advice.from existing Taycan drivers to ensure your distance drives are protected ?.
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    Taycan with Black/Chalk interior pic request

    Please tell me are these 14 way comfort seats ?
  14. Jdqt458

    So Glad I Bought This Option - Public charging cable (Type 2)

    Good advice . By the way in August the compulsory purchase of the Porsche mobile charger is removed . Intend to use Zappi and Public charging cable .
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    Check Your Nuts

    CHECK MY NUTS I got the wife to check my nuts and she confirmed they were definitely eroded !! However as she said “it could be down to my age “
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    She’s at the dealer - I’m stuck at the beach

    Silly — you haven’t realised why ? You have no steering wheel because you have the new InnoDrive . Clever those Germans !
  17. Jdqt458

    She’s at the dealer - I’m stuck at the beach

    Remember — you have a new Mistress in your life now ! Let the wife go to the beach and start living the dream with the new one in your life —- ‘’ TAYCAN ‘’
  18. Jdqt458

    Charging at home

    Quite important questions and strange that owners are not being informed of what action to take . Come on Porsche let us know !
  19. Jdqt458

    20" Sport Aero Wheels, what do you think?

    Prefer the 20’’ Aero’s for range and comfort especially on UK roads . Prefer 21’’ for great looks . Your thoughts on 20’’ Aero Sport in Black .