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  1. HK111

    Taycan smashes Porsche sales records in Europe last month

    True. But on the ground, what I experience is like this: On Sunday, I had a neighbour testdrive my 4S. He wanted to buy a 911 convertible. It seems, not anymore...
  2. HK111

    2,400 mile road trip in Taycan 4s - the car finally worked as designed.

    Thanks for the report, and I like the 200kW :D!
  3. HK111

    Porsche connect App connection to PCM and server problem

    For me it started working again after the recent big software update / maintainance service. But I did write very explicit angry mails to the support email address... not so funny :-/.
  4. HK111

    Porsche Taycan Vs Mercedes-AMG GTR: Out With The Old, In With The New - InsideEVs

    Very true. I had a Porsche 718 from my dealer while they did the current Taycan upgrades. The 718 looks nice, corners nice, yes. But it feels like it has no motor, compared to the Taycan. And once accustomed to the quietness and acceleration of the 4S, normal sports cars that rattle and stink...
  5. HK111

    CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    You should put a pv solar power generator on your roof and only drive the red star with photons :-)!
  6. HK111

    Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!

    Looks excellent, flawless.
  7. HK111

    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    That is pretty good. In the future, I'd also like to be able to charge two cars in parallel. But this will have to wait: I don't know of a 6-person-family EV except maybe Tesla, but don't like their design. Plus, it would have to be the size of a V-class. I hope that the VW bus will be worth the...
  8. HK111

    Lucid Air launch today.

    Do you guys actually believe in Lucid? Will they produce many cars, in good quality, deliver them, support them, ... Or is it a pipedream?
  9. HK111

    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    Here: A 22kW charger will supposedly be installed this month. The unit has already been delivered to the installation company, all we need is a installation date. It took special permission from the utility operator. Usually, the maximum that can be installed is a 11kW unit. But I wanted to be...
  10. HK111


    There is also the problem of structural integrity. A car body gets a lot of extra stiffness against bending along the longitudinal axis from the roof, especially if the roof and it's suspensions are as big / thick as in the Taycan. Without the roof, you need to strengthen the floor tremendously...
  11. HK111

    How do you stuff over 1700 ponies in your stable ?

    Here the Munich variant... Spain wins on colour :D!
  12. HK111

    Pre-Labor day Taycan fest - socially distance lunch meet up @ 11:45 am - Aptos, CA

    I'd love to drive by but the last time I worked in California was about 1993, damn :D! I can offer steaks in Munich, though, just in case you'll make it here.
  13. HK111

    DON’T buy a Taycan if...

    I had my smartphone in the cup holder in the middle console. At one of the launch controls the phone flew out of the holder and landed on the rear seats ;-).
  14. HK111

    Drove her hard

    Come visit Munich and we drive the Garmischer Autobahn... at 98mph we'd be a traffic hindrance in the left lane :-).
  15. HK111

    Mission Taycan 4S Accomplished (Delivered)!

    The T4S is much nicer than the toy bike :D!
  16. HK111

    2 days in to my 4S

    This is quite true. It made a big difference to me, even though I have all the charging options available, including hypercharging, within 750 meters. The car has been completely running on photons since about a month (solar panels on my roof). It is a weird feeling. No emissions, no bad...
  17. HK111

    Winters coming ( well nearly...)

    Hello, good question. I got my 4S on February 15th, when temperatures in Bavaria were still quite low, often around freezing. The effect of the cold battery on charging performance is very big, but you can mitigate it using the charge planner, sports mode (which preheats the battery) and/or 10...
  18. HK111

    Stuck in Southampton!!!!

    I can't bring a cable across the channel but in any case: Fingers crossed for a resolution, best of luck!
  19. HK111

    A Report: Taycan charging w/ Tesla Wall Charger [GEN2] - Load Sharing configuration

    Hello there, for people in Europe, the Keba KeContact P30 x can do load management spread out over up to 15 P30 chargers. That is good enough for a reasonable garage ;-). What it can also do is to vary the charging power with the amount of power available from a specific source, in my case...
  20. HK111

    Electrify America Poll

    I am envious :D!