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  1. porsche_coyote

    Model year cut-off date?

    Yeah, my 991 went through San Diego bound for the Bay Area, so I suppose it somehow makes sense that my Taycan went through Benicia on its way to Los Angeles... :)
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    Model year cut-off date?

    Are you sure? As far as I know right now all US West coast Porsches are offloaded in Benicia. I actually asked my dealer about this when I saw Benicia as the port of entry for my car despite the fact that I'm taking delivery at PEC LA. The ship my car was on definitely stopped in San Diego, but...
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    Nicer than I ever dreamed...

    I will note that M4A doesn't use an Apple-proprietary codec (Apple doesn't have any, believe it or not). It uses AAC, which is a longstanding industry standard. It's actually used in many of the digital radio and DVB standards internationally.
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    Apple Car Key - Any word on Taycan support?

    Indeed. Not only does an external outage not affect it, but at least with the iPhone implementation, you can still open your car even if the battery in your phone is dead.
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    3D Printed Removable Front Plate Mount for Taycan (Print Files Attached)

    Thanks! I had seen the cutouts for both the radar sensor and the IR camera, and since my car has the same options I figured it’s likely the same panel.
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    I will note that at least on iPhone (and I suspect on Android, though I can't confirm) you can get a Chargepoint NFC 'card' on the device. And those don't require an internet connection, so they are just as good as a plastic NFC card. I only have the EVGo plastic card because they don't support...
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    Only getting 6.9-7.2kw on my 9.6kw

    Have you tried setting it to 50A? If 40A is the upper bound, it may be choosing to run at the max continuous load which would be 32A (which is still a bit higher than 6.95 kW).
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    Does the winter wheel/tire set fit inside the car?

    Putting this out there in case anyone knows: is it possible to put the winter wheel/tire set for the Taycan into the car for transport (presumably with the seats down)? I'm looking at getting a set, but this is turning out to be an important aspect of my purchase decision. Thanks in advance!
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    3D Printed Removable Front Plate Mount for Taycan (Print Files Attached)

    Question: how much filament did your print use? I was going to buy some black ABS for this, but I don't want to have too much sitting around when I'm done...
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    Pickup questions.....

    I've been filling my cars' tires with a 78% Nitrogen mix for years, and it seems to work pretty well...
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    Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC Sport)

    As someone who got PDCC on my 991, I can tell you another interesting benefit I hadn't initially considered: tire wear. Because PDCC is designed to try to hold a maximal contact patch against the road, it turns out that PDCC-equipped cars experience more even tire wear than cars without. That...
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    [Poll] iPhone or Android?

    I'll simply refer you to my earlier post on this thread. To the extent that Apple has data (and it has precious little, particularly compared to competitors), you have a 'delete' button available on the Apple web site, by following the directions in:
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    Greetings Bay Area ppl!

    And I should add: the whole program ends on September 30, 2025. Which means that this coming January is about as late as it makes sense to wait to apply for your decals.
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    What Date Did You Place Your Deposit?

    November 2019 deposit with scheduled April build and June delivery. With COVID and supply chain issues turned into July build and September 30 delivery...
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    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    FWIW, Apple's work on car key is in conjunction with the Carconnectivity Consortium. According to their website, members include: Apple, BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Volkswagen
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    Long-term storage?

    Could you cite the title of the section? I searched GTK before posting here and didn't find anything relevant. I also read the owners manual PDF. Happy to RTFM, but honestly couldn't find enough info. Never mind. I found it under 'Car Care.' For others here, Porsche recommends that the HV...
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    Greetings Bay Area ppl!

    Nope. The rules are on the CA DMV web site: and there's no mention anywhere of a time limit for filing. We bought my wife's e-Golf last September but didn't...
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    Long-term storage?

    Not sure if this is the right sub-forum, but here goes: There's a strong possibility that I'm going to have to leave my Taycan in my garage at home for about two months while I'm out of the area. I'm concerned about the effects of storing the car for that long without driving it. Does anyone...
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    [Poll] iPhone or Android?

    So, I'm going to out myself as someone who works at Apple, specifically on privacy. This is the real deal. Apple really doesn't want your data. The company's business is selling devices and services, not ads. Customers can opt into data sharing for things like system analytics that help Apple...