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  1. r553

    Can back seats be flipped down when 12V battery is dead?

    Page 287 in owner's manual
  2. r553

    Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    Louv, Are the rear seat backs mechanically released to fold down since I am keeping my jump battery in the trunk? It feels like they are. Thanks, Rob
  3. r553

    What tires are on your Taycan?

    My 4 S with all season tire option came with Eagle Touring tires.
  4. r553

    “Electric” badge

    I missed the badges in the configurator so I added them after delivery in the "stock" position.
  5. r553

    Another 12V issue

    Charging the 12 V battery from owner's manual: Observe the instructions of the charger manufacturer. - 12 V lithium batteries should only be charged in a well ventilated area. 1. Open the hood. > Please see chapter "Opening and locking the hood and trunk lid" on page 150. 2. Remove the plastic...
  6. r553

    What Date Did You Place Your Deposit?

    I put down an initial deposit in Feb 2019. I placed my order and received a commission number on March 13, 2020. Car was delivered August 22, 2020.
  7. r553

    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Luke, In my 4 S the charging start time shows up one hour behind actual time which the car displays in the instrument cluster correctly. I started charging at 4PM. Can this be set? Thanks, Rob
  8. r553

    Tire wear, what's your experience ?

    This is why I went with all season tires on my car....
  9. r553

    Near disaster, but is it charger(s) or car? (UPDATE: it's the car)

    Out of curiosity when you wanted to disconnect the cable did you try the disconnect menu selection within the car charging menu? I just used it to disconnect the cable because I couldn't get the EA charging station to cause the cable to release.
  10. r553

    EA Free Charging Due to Equipment Upgrade!

    I went to my nearest EA charging station with my car at 53% SOC this afternoon in Cocoa FL. Unlike my previous visit all four charging positions were operable so I connected to the 350 KW position and went shopping. When the car was connected screen stated the charging was free due to an EA...
  11. r553

    [Poll] iPhone or Android?

    I switched to an iPhone while my car was on order on the suspicion it might work better with the car. So far that hunch has proved correct.
  12. r553

    Service campaign / software update notice

    You might try stepping on the brake pedal when you enter the car to get things going without touching the start button. That is how my car operates.
  13. r553

    Another 12V issue

    Scott, Does your car have all the latest fixes installed? Rob
  14. r553

    Another 12V issue

    My previous post was based on this wording from the owner's manual P. 285 on jumping 12 V battery: General Safety Notices The 12-volt lithium battery is automatically disconnected from the vehicle electrical system if the battery charge condition is low. When the 12 V lithium battery is...
  15. r553

    Another 12V issue

    According to the owner's manual they aren't too hung up on the type of jump battery. They do want you to use a Lithium Ion battery charger if needed.
  16. r553

    Can't create Porsche ID

    Initially I had two MyPorsche accounts that prevented me from registering the Taycan. It took a day for Porsche central to delete the second one. Then everything worked out and I could register.
  17. r553

    PMCC - Overheated

    I have limited my charging current to 20 amps in honor of the 10 gauge input pigtail. I'm in FL too but my car is outdoors when charging at night. I also got my first post Taycan electric bill: +$40.
  18. r553

    Camera System Error Service Required

    No front plate for me either.
  19. r553

    Another 12V issue

    Sorry to hear of issue. For the Taycan I bought a CTEK Lithium Ion charger in the hope I won't need it.
  20. r553

    Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    One thing I noticed with my 4 S is the standard steering wheel rim is slightly smaller diameter than my other two cars that have the sport wheel. First world problem.