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  1. snstevens

    Ready for winter

    Don - What tires are you using?
  2. snstevens

    Ready for winter

    Any thoughts from fellow owners on how the "all season" 21" tires will handle snow? In particular, what is the snow depth at which driving is no longer an option? I've never had this combination of a heavy car (~4800 pounds), 4 wheel drive, and such wide wheels before, so I'm interested in...
  3. snstevens

    Taycan smashes Porsche sales records in Europe last month

    Jimmy - Just for the record, the West Coast is way different from the mid-Atlantic. While we have a ton of trucks out here the number of EVs is huge - you see them literally all the time. Adoption is crazy in the Seattle area and the number of Teslas is too high to count. My guess is that...
  4. snstevens

    Tesla Model S Plaid Announcement

    Dave - I love your posts and your insights. I also agree that most of the issues with EA and the Taycan will continue into 2021, and possibly longer (sigh...) But for anyone reading this post let me say that the Taycan 4S is the best car I've ever purchased (leased) because it is by far the...
  5. snstevens

    Charging Your Taycan Demonstration Using Porsche Connect App

    I found by trial and error that the steps to use EA were -- Login to the Porsche Connect App (or via the website) and accept the free 1 year charging offer. This includes providing a credit card even though this will not be charged if your session is <30 min and you are within 3 years of...
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    What did you negotiate on your Taycan lease agreements?

    Check out this link on a 4S lease I created earlier. Hope it helps :like:
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    First thoughts on my 4S

    As it happens I went with 21" wheels since that was what the car I was looking at had. They provide a surprisingly good ride on all kinds of roads, with the only risk being wheel damage when too close to curbs :crying: Plus, I think they look awesome!
  8. snstevens

    22KW charging

    I agree with everyone who says this is a non-issue for overnight charging. More interesting is the idea that to take advantage of higher charging power your home will have to be upgraded to 3 phase power - I didn't know that but it makes sense. I'd like to suggest that folks who have not...
  9. snstevens

    Don’t curb the wheels!!

    I did much worse to both my front and rear Mission-E wheels on the right side of the car and got them repaired for about USD$800. It wasn't even necessary to dismount the tires. Here is the post where I describe this event, who repaired the wheels, and the cost.
  10. snstevens

    Taycan Cross Turismo Wagon delayed until next year

    Am I the only one that thinks the Cross Turismo looks unattractive? It seems they just slapped a new rear end on the Taycan and raised the rear roof a bit. I think Tesla got the Model X right by changing the entire package including raising the body to SUV height. IMHO.
  11. snstevens

    Taycan Dealer Pickup Checklist

    I'd like to add a few items to the list -- Under NOW Have the NEMA 14-50 Outlet installed on the "Left Side" of a stud (US) so that the top and bottom bolts of the cord collector can screw right into the stud. I recommend the stud be 10 inches from the nearest object (including the power...
  12. snstevens

    My Taycan 4s delivery ended bad

    Congratulations on getting it back and starting fresh. You will simply love this car :) Question: Do you park it on the street routinely? If so beware of "curbing" the wheels. I've done that on both right side wheels already and it was a sad day. They were repaired, but I'd rather have...
  13. snstevens

    First thoughts on my 4S

    Actually, I thought you were going to say "drive up a nice quiet side road and when it's nice and steep put on the brake, step on the gas, release the brake, and see what happens?":like:
  14. snstevens

    Depreciated Value

    @Schlossj asked me earlier about the Lease computation so I thought I'd share that with you folks. This applies to a general Taycan 4S and is a standard Lease computation. If at the end of the lease you want to buy the car the cost is the Residual + tax. UPDATE: The last two [F]...
  15. snstevens

    Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    Good thinking. I have both an Apple Titanium card and a Chase Sapphire which is made of stainless steel (I think), and the wallet is in the same pocket with the Taycan key fob. I'll have to try moving the key fob or wallet and see what happens.
  16. snstevens

    Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    Sometimes when the Driver's Door does not respond I simply reach back to the Passenger door and it works. Kind of goofy looking, but oh well! I'm so used to a Lexus door lock sensor being bulletproof that this is a bit annoying, and I hope to get a solution at some point. Feels a little like...
  17. snstevens

    Depreciated Value

    When I was looking at Lease vs. Buy/Finance the Porsche Financial rate quoted was 2.49%. A low rate, but not particularly special.
  18. snstevens

    Flat Tire in Carmel!

    So it was through the dealer and it was the "Same day". I have the 21" Mission-E wheels. Suggestions for cheaper alternatives always welcome :) I didn't realize that the Porsche dealer used a third-party vendor so I plan to go direct next time.
  19. snstevens

    Flat Tire in Carmel!

    Having already curbed two passenger side wheels I can tell you it was $325/wheel (pre-tax) to get them repaired. I went to the Dealer in Bellevue WA but they used a group called SameDay USA. They have locations in several parts of Washington and Oregon and can be reached at SameDay-USA. Hope...
  20. snstevens

    Center brake light quirk / design element / easter egg

    Not certain, but this is likely a radio antenna, nicely hidden :)