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  1. redrocket

    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    Ok, so I ordered a Tesla Gen 3 charger, hooked it up, and am using a 40 amp teslatap....couldn’t find the 80 amp version. Works like a champ, and nothing in the system is warmer than lukewarm. Charger takes up minimal space and at $500 is a steal. The Porsche charger and cabinet is a POS in...
  2. redrocket

    What Date Did You Place Your Deposit?

    I didn't give a deposit, a handshake is all it took. When the car showed up I bought it for the verbally agreed price.
  3. redrocket

    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    Actually I a have a Gen 2 I can use. Think I’ll relocate it this weekend for use with the taycan. Wire size I have is good, so I’d get a higher charging rate without the heat issue as from the Porsche unit. The Porsche unit will be stuffed in a bag for use on trips. Kinda pissed I spent so...
  4. redrocket

    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    Daveo, why would you need a Gen 2 Tesla charger, wouldn't a Tesla Gen 3 work as well? thanks
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    No disrespect meant, but what you wrote is funny. It seems EA doesn’t know how to tie their shoes. If they have a lot of cash they sure don’t know how to use it wisely. I know of one person that walked from an e-Tron deal because of EA. More will do they same once they figure out what a joke EA...
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    That’s why I mentioned Musk. Imagine a world where you could pull into an EA site or a Tesla site and juice up your Taycan, e-tron, Tesla, or your whatever. Tesla and EA have the 2 largest charging networks in the nation, and teamed together would do a lot to increase acceptance of EV’s. I don’t...
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    I’m not going to drive any car on a trip that depends on EA for me to get the destination. Will take our ICE Bimmer for now, but maybe one day before the Taycan becomes an antique, EA will get their act together. I am starting to long for my MS that I no longer have, it and the Tesla charging...
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    Radar Detector - Hardwire Fuse Box

    @wemct, your instructional turned a job that I had been dreading into a piece of cake. Thank you!
  9. redrocket

    Lucid Air launch today.

    I wish Lucid the best of luck. Competition is a good thing.
  10. redrocket

    Demonstration / discussion of burmester sound system in taycan turbo

    Burmester in the Taycan is just awesome. I never had a car sound system sound this good. Don’t think I’d buy it for a 911 because of the engine noise, but in the very quiet Taycan it is amazing and for me was a good spend.
  11. redrocket

    Personalized License Plates - What’s Yours / What do you Suggest?

    FN FST reserved w/DMV. We’ll see if they will make the plate.
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    EA for the win! OMG these people are nuts!!

    EA’s app currently shows no charging sites working at all on I-95 Florence, SC through Richmond, VA. And southbound, past Florence, the first place I see anything working that is over 50kw is Ormond Beach, FL. Northbound from Richmond you don’t have to go too far, Fredericksburg, VA, to find a...
  13. redrocket

    EA for the win! OMG these people are nuts!!

    Labor Day weekend and simultaneously locking out multiple sites in a region. Like I said earlier, amateur hour. In the end, hopefully, EA will get their act together. But in the meantime anyone depending on EA’s network will likely be SOL.
  14. redrocket

    EA for the win! OMG these people are nuts!!

    EA is the worst. Throughout MD, VA, NC many charging stations are completely out of service. At places that are working in the Mid-Atlantic area take a look. You will usually find only 2-3 chargers working, and high output chargers are mostly out of service. When I decided to buy my Taycan I...
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    New feature to open trunk with your foot?

    Never knew I needed to check a box to get the foot trick to work. Thanks guys!
  16. redrocket

    How do you guys drive to get your posted range!?

    And if you have summer tires on the car, like I do, forget about range. Plus I like FAST!
  17. redrocket

    Clear Side Markers

    Really good instructions, thank you OP, and everyone else that chimed in with tips. I wound up not using the spacers on the new lights because the fit was just too tight. I saved them in case I ever change my mind about using them.
  18. redrocket

    Anatomy of any almost failed Electrify America charging session…

    Unfortunately Porsche does not give a sh**. And they won’t ever, not until they have some skin in the game. Does not matter which shape or form, they need to have skin in the game for things to improve.