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  1. Tesla's Secrets To Dominating EV Range - Double Porsche? - Engineering Explained

    The Car and Driver article this is based on was very interesting reading and I enjoyed the video going into more details of the engineering and math. It is clear that wheels/tires have a huge impact on road force and highway range, with the 19" standard wheels tires delivering about 260 when...
  2. First thoughts on my 4S

    I see you got the standard 19' wheels. On the Porsche configurator, they are not very appealing, but in actual photos of cars that I have seen, they look pretty nice. Do you plan to keep them as your primary wheels, or are you planning to switch out to custom wheels? A recent range test of a...
  3. Pricing vs MSRP in US

    We cancelled the order on the Cayenne Hybrid. The delay went well beyond when the lease for our X5 ended. So, we bought a new X5. The money "saved" between the Cayenne Hybrid and the X5 in theory would be applied to the Taycan purchase, but that was before COVID-19 and the markets tanked. At...
  4. Pricing vs MSRP in US

    Good questions. I have not contacted dealers about whether the cars listed are for sale or already spoken for. If I jump back into a Taycan, I would order to get the exact specifications I want, which would mean a '21 and delivery early next year. Still wondering if people with special orders...
  5. Pricing vs MSRP in US

    When the pandemic hit back in the spring and the markets tanked, I decided to cancel my Taycan 4S order, which was scheduled (pre-COVID delays) for delivery in July. Since I needed to replace my 540i at lease expiration, I bought a Model 3 Performance. While I have enjoyed the car, and have not...
  6. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    I cancelled my 4S order. The lock date for the configuration was planned for 4/2 and the delivery date was scheduled for early July. The dealer was most gracious in returning my 10% deposit. My main reasons were the uncertainty of the impact of the financial "hit" from the COVID-19 pandemic...
  7. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    louv, now that you have been through Florida, any update on the use of EZPass (or similar toll device) with the thermally and noise insulating glass?
  8. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    To my math, that translates to about 239 miles for a full charge, impressive at 80 mph..
  9. Some Answers and Info From Canadian Taycan Launch Event

    It would be good to know when they plan to fix the wireless Apple CarPlay that was promised. We hear there is to be a software update in June.
  10. [Nextmove] Taycan 4S vs Model S Raven range comparison at 75 mph

    Note that the analysis in the graphic reports the EPA range as 323 km or 201 miles. That is the EPA estimate for the Turbo, we do not have an EPA rating for the 4S. So, they are calculating how much the 4S exceeds the EPA rating, but they are not using the appropriate reference. Hopefully the...
  11. MSRP Dealers (selling Taycan with no price mark-up)

    Euroclassics Porsche Richmond VA
  12. Thermally & Noise Insulated Glass

    To answer my own question. I visited a local dealer today. Their demo Turbo has the thermal glass and it is not any darker than regular glass.
  13. Thermally & Noise Insulated Glass

    Also considering this option for my 4S build. On the configurator it does not show the color/darkness of the glass changing when you select the option. Anyone who has this on other Porsche's know if that this the case? I assumed it would make the glass darker, and harder to see in from...
  14. [Car and Driver Review] Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs. Tesla Model S Performance: Electric Flattery

    This is a very informative comparison and makes me feel even better about my 4S order. Very interesting to see a second example of how high speed range is not that different between the Taycan and the Model 3 and Model S despite the large difference in EPA rated range. There is no range issue...
  15. CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    My son and I went to a local Porsche dealership yesterday to look at color options (on other cars, since the dealership on has a Volcano Gray Taycan Turbo). We found two Cayenne's side by side, one white and one Carrara White Metallic. My son, who has a great eye for color, described the...
  16. CarPlay wifi ?

    My salesman said they have had a lot of trouble with wireless carplay in the 2019 Macan and that has continued in the 2020 cars that have wireless. He also predicts a software update at some point, but no confirmation.
  17. CarPlay wifi ?

    Gogs, do you have a definitive source? I asked the salesperson today and he was evasive, but reported that he had read about a software update on these forums. I called Porsche Customer Service and all they would confirm is that the CarPlay currently is not wireless and they have no...
  18. CarPlay wifi ?

    I hope the OTA update really happens. I’m spoiled by Apple CarPlay.
  19. CarPlay wifi ?

    I hope that is accurate. I’m spoiled by wireless CarPlay.
  20. CarPlay wifi ?

    What‘s the deal with Apple CarPlay? The configurator in the US used to clearly state wireless, now it just says Apple CarPlay with the wireless deleted. Some have suggested this will come later as an update???