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  1. MissionC

    CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    I love when the car is lit like this and you can see the compound curves on the front band rear fenders.
  2. MissionC

    911 Winter Wheel and Tire Set

    And they’re gone - the magic (and terror) of Facebook Marketplace
  3. MissionC

    CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    I did the black with the dark silver, too, and love the look. Only issue I had this summer is kids lathered up with sunscreen and that staining the doors And seats. It comes out with some warm water and a little soap but that’s the only downside I’ve had with the black. With a Carrera White...
  4. MissionC

    Apple Car Key - Any word on Taycan support?

    There’s a huge difference between using the NFC capabilities of your phone to unlock/activate the car and using your phone, because it has an app, to unlock your car. The Tesla outage was real (I got that link from a friend who was locked out of his car and had no idea where the RFID card was)...
  5. MissionC

    Apple Car Key - Any word on Taycan support?

    Also, not upset that I‘m not relying on my phone to unlock my car:
  6. MissionC

    iOS 14 Car Play changes -- will no longer allow phone to play music unless cell service turned on for iTunes on my phone

    CarPlay got a nice upgrade in iOS 14, but I think a new bug has been introduced. Twice now I’ve been playing music and it’s just stopped - pressing play won’t start the music. Yesterday, while playing music the entire PCM crashed, which is the first time that‘s ever happened to me. The center...
  7. MissionC

    911 Winter Wheel and Tire Set

    19” Silver painted Stark Design BC wheels with Pirelli Sottozerro Series 2 winter wheels. Front tires 235/35 R 19, rear tires 295/30 R 19. Wheels purchased Oct 2015 and tires purchased Nov 2018, with less than 3,500 miles on them. Hoteled by my Porsche dealer during the off season and balanced...
  8. MissionC

    Apple Car Key - Any word on Taycan support?

    The other possibility is that the hardware is present, but not yet activated until Porsche ships a software update to enable it and light up the hardware. There’s still hope, but I think it’s low probability outcome.
  9. MissionC

    Apple Car Key - Any word on Taycan support?

    Since iOS 14 is getting released today, just wanted to chime in on this thread. Apple has sample developer code to build apps to detect and interact with NFC hardware, so I used that to build a little app and went over my car to see if my iPhone detected any external NFC hardware that would...
  10. MissionC

    Service campaign / software update notice

    Wow, I have never once had to push the power button to “start” the car. As soon as I close the door, my seat moves into my position and the car boots up. I’ve only ever used the power button to shut the car down. I do wish it had walk-away locking, which may be a sitting somewhere that I haven’t...
  11. MissionC

    Isn't it supposed to be "Hey Porsche"?

    Yeah, I turned that off. I really have no need for the Porsche voice assistant at all. Siri has always worked well for me and the integration with all my stuff on the phone is all I need.
  12. MissionC

    Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    I’ve had my 4S for two months now, so not really first impressions. We know Porsches are famous for their performance and everyday usability and the balance of those two aspects have been what’s continually impressed me with my Taycan. I’ve realize how many unconscious decisions I had been...
  13. MissionC

    Isn't it supposed to be "Hey Porsche"?

    I think if you just quickly press the button, the built-in voice recognition is activated; if you press and hold, it routes to Siri.
  14. MissionC

    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    That’s exactly my setup. We’ll likely get another EV next year and wanted to future proof the garage. Since I’ll likely never charge from 0 -> 100% SoC in my garage, the Taycan’s existing charge rate is fine for me.
  15. MissionC

    Delivery tik tok

    My car arrived at my dealer on a Friday and I wasn’t able to take delivery until the following Wednesday, due to the CO arriving via fedex that arrived that morning. Might take you a little longer with the long holiday weekend thrown in, but hopefully you can get in your car by midweek. Which...
  16. MissionC

    I am crazy about my Taycan

    There is no substitute.
  17. MissionC

    do I really need Sport Chrono?

    Yes, it’s the same. You can manually set it through the button on the dash display or through PCM. I generally keep it in low all the time and that setting survives when you shutdown the car. I also keep the car in Sport suspension mode, so the ride is a little firmer and like the height...
  18. MissionC

    Confused about charging rate

    Do you mean a 14-50 outlet? 9.6 kWh is theoretical limit - I generally see around 9 kWh. I did notice that it starts a little slow and then builds up to a higher throughput rate. Does it max out at 2.03 after 20-30 minutes?
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    Actually, are there any convertible EVs on the market? I can’t think of any.
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    Congrats! So psyched you finally got it. Enjoy every mile!