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  1. dryii

    Yellow... YELLOW TAYCAN?!!?

    It's an outside wrap. However they did get into the trunk area quite nicely.
  2. dryii

    Yellow... YELLOW TAYCAN?!!?

    I was sad it wasn't, and still isn't for 2021. Had to order with black (which is also very nice) and the sole intention of wrapping. I love how it turned out.
  3. dryii

    Yellow... YELLOW TAYCAN?!!?

    I like the wheels. Ordered them specifically over the 20" and 21". I would consider the 20" winter rims in black, if I lived in a cold climate.
  4. dryii

    Yellow... YELLOW TAYCAN?!!?

    Just got her back today, and I love it.
  5. dryii

    Taycan PCM is an embarrassment

    Agreed, the entertainment display is lackluster. I find the interface a bit sluggish. It's not as polished as I would have hoped, even for a v1.0. My one hope is Porsche will keep updating and not leave it behind while working on the next model year. This would make me very disappointed.
  6. dryii

    Porsche Taycan takes on the Moose Test and bows down to Tesla Model 3’s record - Teslarati (but read on)

    I'm not sold on a "test" where the driver can't enter the course on a straight away without hitting a cone.
  7. dryii

    Comfort Access (Door Handles Presenting)

    The feature is finicky. Most times it works OK. I've had incidents where I needed to put my hand under the handle 2-3 times for it to push out. I think this is an issue with the Taycan not knowing the key is near. The other day I was driving, key in my pocket, and the car kept telling me it...
  8. dryii

    OTA Updates

    Cellular is not used. "Our cars regularly receive over-the-air software updates that add new features and enhance existing ones over Wi-Fi." "If the touchscreen is showing a yellow download icon, a software update is available but your vehicle is...
  9. dryii

    OTA Updates

    You wouldn't, but taking days to download over a weak cellular data connection is not the best method. And what does Tesla use to download the update? Wifi.
  10. dryii

    OTA Updates

    I think their biggest issue is that we are unable to connect the Taycan to home wifi, yet. Until this is enabled, performing an update over cellular data would be abismal.
  11. dryii

    HomeLink thinks I'm "Offroad" at all times

    Does anyone else show something other than "Offroad" within the HomeLink section? I was hoping the latest software update would resolve things, but the problem persists.
  12. dryii

    Did you know you had hooks in your Trunk?

    No, I did not. More importantly, you carry a spare license plate? :bandit::lipssealed:
  13. dryii

    My Stormtrooper, the personalisation.

    I think @Scandinavian meant the Storm Trooper decal.
  14. dryii

    Tinting Windows

    I went with the darkest legally allowed. I think the law states a slightly lower level of darkness on the driver/passenger window than it does on rear.
  15. dryii

    Toggling Favorites for Audio

    My 2015 Macan allows me to list favorites in the drivers right information circle, but the Taycan doesn't. :( I'm really not thrilled with the system in general. I expected it to be snappy-er/more responsive. At times it takes a couple minutes to set my seating position. And the other day...
  16. dryii

    Tinting Windows

    Not the best pictures, but you get the idea from the rear passenger door. Before: After:
  17. dryii

    Tinting Windows

    "window cracking"? That rep is a moron. I didn't get the special glass and instead have all my windows tinted, including 'clear' on the windshield. Had it performed by the service department at me dealer! The panoramic roof does not require tint. It is dark, already coated, and doesn't let...
  18. dryii

    Center brake light quirk / design element / easter egg

    Today I noticed this 'circuit' pattern in the high brake light. Since I have yet to see this mentioned in any videos or forums, wanted to share.
  19. dryii

    Customized Look for 20" Taycan Turbo Aero Wheels for $25 - What do you think?

    Did you happen to take any pictures from, say, 5-10' away? Interested to see how well the tape experiment came to matching the photoshop from @PITTSBURGHTAYCAN .
  20. dryii

    Any Regrets with the Taycan?

    I thought one was just upside down, but now I see the differences. Weird.