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  1. Cpoarchy

    ChargePoint / EVGO and Fast CHAdeMO charging

    I found some on the app, the white circles are fast chargers
  2. Cpoarchy

    ChargePoint / EVGO and Fast CHAdeMO charging

    I used a fast dc in lenoir nc, used it through the app worked great, it was free except a parking fee from the business and I think ChargePoint gave me a credit for that. I was going to use one in hickory nc, but did not read the fine print and found out it wasn’t. for public use, (read the...
  3. Cpoarchy

    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    I have a question about the rear spoiler, I have driven a lot at high speeds and all driving modes, but the only time the rear spoiler comes out is when it is in range mode. Any reason why? Thanks in advance.
  4. Cpoarchy

    Electrify America help

    I know things have changed, because the screens are different, (communicating with vehicle) (that's new) the only one close I go to is in Georgetown KY and none of them worked, says, connecting to vehicle then error, used ea and Porsche connect, called ea support, restarted several times...
  5. Cpoarchy

    Why is 85% battery recommended as the normal maximum?

    And with the 2021 changes, Porsche wants us to keep the battery fast charging to 200 kw, battery degradation, of course I have never seen rates close to that when fast charging.
  6. Cpoarchy

    2021 Taycan Changes & New Features — Official Announcement

    Very cool features
  7. Cpoarchy

    do I really need Sport Chrono?

    Thanks for the info, I do have sport plus in chassis mode just not drive mode. When I do change it to chassis sport plus, I notice a sound difference, what differences do you notice in drive mode sport plus? Just interested, still love my baby though, did launch control yesterday for the first...
  8. Cpoarchy

    do I really need Sport Chrono?

    I didn't get it on my 4s and don't have sport plus mode without it, I haven't driven one with it, but, if I would have known that I would have ordered it, only thing I regret not getting
  9. Cpoarchy

    Welcome Illumination?

    Another feature I am wondering about is the lighting of the Porsche logo on the rear, saw it lit up on instagram, but could be photoshopped Really wanted that
  10. Cpoarchy

    Valet mode?

    Load Porsche connect and at the bottom, alarmas and modes, edit settings, enable valet mode
  11. Cpoarchy

    Charging Your Taycan Demonstration Using Porsche Connect App

    Once you load the app, click at the three lines in the top left, login with your Porsche credentials, I use the app because in settings you can limit it to 30 minutes, but since using it, haven't had any more faulty start of charging sessions
  12. Cpoarchy

    WLG2 Campaign -- software updates

    I was Just going by the software and release version posted earlier, is there a another way to look up subsystem software version?
  13. Cpoarchy

    WLG2 Campaign -- software updates

    My taycan has not been to dealer since I got it in may and I have the newest software version. I would think it would have to be OTA
  14. Cpoarchy

    Ceramic coating noob questions

    So just picked up meguairs ceramic detailer at Walmart and 5 dollar rebate, for ceramic coating this stuff is awesome,just spray it on, dang, my baby. Sparkles, heard Adams was good, but for 10 bucks, knock out of the park, no streaking, which I read some ceramic retailers do.
  15. Cpoarchy

    4S side skirts and front apron

    Can't wait to see, I am in the same dilemma. Can you ask if they have a counter part in the US? Thanks
  16. Cpoarchy

    Charging App

    I see it...
  17. Cpoarchy

    Tinting Windows

    Almost had the front spoiler wrapped, in black, but will need to scuff the plastic, still might.. anyone else thought about doing that?
  18. Cpoarchy

    Tinting Windows

    I didn't, I probably should have, but I don't really drive it at night that much, seems pretty bright, I do have the standard lights and not the matrix, yeah love that volcano grey, almost went with that.
  19. Cpoarchy

    Tinting Windows

    Yeah, that's why I got the static film that just peels off and on