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  1. What state of charge was your Taycan delivered with?

    I was a little disappointed that they gave me far less than 'half a tank'. Seems a little cheap on their part. Seems a little cheap for me to complain about it as well!
  2. NEMA 14-50 position in garage for PMCC

    This is actually pretty easily accomplished DIY. Shut off power at the breaker, unscrew panel and flip the thing, reinstall panel. Two hints - the wires are stiff so you may need to unscrew one or two from the plug, flip, then reinstall them and you want to make sure the ground is not touching...
  3. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Please don't forget me on this one!
  4. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Appreciate your kind offer! Should all 9J1-915 12 volt batteries be replaced with V04-015 batteries? Thanks.
  5. Ditch the PMCC (for now)?

    Phase 2 of the Mustart Travel Master gen 2 multi amp mobile level 2 EVSE test - 240 volts. I topped off the car with juice from my 240v line in the garage and everything went fine. Straightforward and easy to swap the 14-50 pigtail for the 6-15 from the last test and off she went charging...
  6. Service campaign / software update notice

    My turbo has the old 9J1 battery and I was expecting to be swapped into the V04, but my advisor says he ran my VIN and it is not indicated for my car. Is there any reason why that might be? I experienced the dead battery issue in spades.
  7. Ditch the PMCC (for now)?

    I just purchased a Mustart Travelmaster gen 2 mobile EVSE. I did a test run with the 115V circuit and it went very well. As Dave suggested, the car's charging profile took over. Next is to try the 240V circuit. This unit has multiple adaptors available and is smart in that it automatically...
  8. Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    I was having the same issue with the driver side door lock. It works a little differently than what I am used to and it's possible tht positioning your thumb over the sensor at the wrong time can cause it to appear to be malfunctioning. I am going to pay more attention and see if it persists.
  9. Switching from BMW X5 35d to Taycan 4S - Decisions Decisions

    Although I haven't experienced it in the taycan yet, my wife''s 2020 Cayenne with adaptive cruise control will sense the car ahead and apply braking when necessary to keep clear distance. At times, it has also applied the brakes to prevent her from turning left when oncoming traffic from the...
  10. Dealing with the front license plate

    Ohio just eliminated the requirement for a front plate. I have a couple of these if anyone is interested, Installs in the tow hook mounting hole.
  11. EV Roadwarrior adapters “kit”

    So here is the scoop from Clipper Creek: Their chargers do not provide the ability to dial down the amps from 32 to 24. Clipper creek can run on 120 volts "if both lines are balanced or nearly so" whatever that means. So my quest continues!
  12. EV Roadwarrior adapters “kit”

    Thanks! Are your concerns about #4 due to the multiple plug end? Here is the link: With respect to #5, the Clipper Creek max output is 32 amps, does that matter? Again, your advice has been...
  13. EV Roadwarrior adapters “kit”

    OK, you have convinced me to forego the 120V charger in my road wimp mobile package. I am thinking about something like this: 1. Tesla Tap 80 amp, Tesla to 1772 adaptor 2. Clipper Creek 240 volt 32 amp AmazingEFast mobile charger with NEMA 14-50 plug 3. EVSEadaptors NEMA 6-50P to 14-50R...
  14. EV Roadwarrior adapters “kit”

    Back to the original premise - your dual voltage solution to cover most situations that one would encounter in the wild without dragging the bulky Porsche EVSE in and out of its wall mount was thoughtful and convincing. I have the Tesla Tap 80 amp to cover those Tesla hotel and parking lot...
  15. EV Roadwarrior adapters “kit”

    Based on my discussions with them about a few of their products, I got that impression, but I had not discussed the Amazing EFast line with them. Appreciate your insights, Frank.
  16. EV Roadwarrior adapters “kit”

    The Porsche and Tesla systems are able to run on both 120 and 240V, tht's what I gather from this thread and i am looking for the same capability in Clipper Creek.
  17. EV Roadwarrior adapters “kit”

    Dave, Another +1 on the kudos to you for helping EV newbies like me. My Porsche tech, also a former Tesla tech and a friend, seems down on the Tesla solutions you propose and suggests Clipper Creek is the way to go for a second mobile charger. However, I am unable to find the product that...
  18. Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    Yes, much appreciated. This thread has helped me diagnose my issue and alert the dealer to check the 12V battery to see if replacement is warranted (in more ways than 1!).