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  1. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    How do you change Private Mode? On website or app or car? Can’t find on Porsche Connect website...
  2. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    My concerns and assumption...damn. Curious how long have folks waited once the car was “onshore”?
  3. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    @LukeManning any way to connect with Porsche customs folks on the ground at the Davisville port to understand timing for a cars release from customs? Mines been there since Friday with no update (per my dealer)?
  4. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Being tortured right is 2 hours away at port in has no idea when it will be's been there since Friday 9/25...
  5. Accidentally upsold myself!

    Agreed but like for like my builds were $30K apart. That was enough for me to “settle” with the 4S and its paltry 0-60 speed.
  6. Accidentally upsold myself!

    Now the truth comes out. $22K for 90+ more days of driving might be worth it...assuming you live in the south.
  7. Accidentally upsold myself!

    My 4S has all the performance goodies and and SportDesign but standard interior and stereo. But as I added to my comment and as you point out Turbo likely holds value longer. If you want to see my build for comparison please do: code is PLNEPU40.
  8. Accidentally upsold myself!

    Depends on what’s most important to you vs your disposable income. I went 4S very well equipped for $145. It will look just like the Turbo except the small difference in front spoiler and go about .5 secs slower 0-60. But saved me $20-30K. What’s more important to you? EDIT: the only variable...
  9. Car died over night…

    I’m right there with you. I get my car this week...praying these issues have been solved but buying the jumper and learning the steps regardless.
  10. Car died over night…

    @daveo4EV - so sorry this happened. I take delivery this week and am nervously excited. But these stories are tough to read. Can you detail the steps to “jump start” the 12v battery including how to get the frunk open? I’d ask for pics but sounds like your car is in service.
  11. ChargePoint / EVGO and Fast CHAdeMO charging

    Yes you are correct - Sorry for the confusion. The EVGO location shows CHAdeMO/ combo and indicates this is a CCS supported charging station. I have the ChargePoint app and it says it’s cross network with EVGO - but you still recommend both? See pic of my target charger - I assume this will work?
  12. ChargePoint / EVGO and Fast CHAdeMO charging

    Checking to see how folks experience has been with ChargePoint / EVGO and their fast DC chargers...planning a shortish 250 r/t adventure with one of these locations about mid-way. Thought is to top off on way up and back. Advice / experience / tips. Thanks!
  13. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    Mine is less than 200 miles away...let’s see how long it takes to be in my garage...
  14. Stranded!

    @Jaf I’m about to enter the NE charger universe out of Westchester Cty - can you tell me your out of the home full EV Charger lineup including how you “pay at the pump” - app or RFID card or something else? I want to have all of my options covered when I start charging on the road. Thanks!
  15. Dent Repair, Windshield Repair, Key Replacement...

    For $1500 for 5 you do it?
  16. Picked Up My Dolomite 4S Yesterday

    Amazing. I hope to "show you mine" in the next's on the boat!
  17. NEMA 14-50 position in garage for PMCC

    New question for your former-life electricians: do you know how the PMCC will handle generator-provided power (which as I understand fluctuates based on load) ? I have a 20kW generator that will "try" to charge the car during a blackout - anyone know if there will be a material impact to...
  18. Who'll Be The First On This Forum To Take Delivery In The Tri-State?

    My car is in the GOODWOOD right now landing in Davisville on 9/23...anyone else in the same boat? (Pun intended)