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  1. LonePalmBJ

    Charging NA App Broken? (Not allowing 350KW EA Terminals to be selected)

    You can also initiate the 350s using the Porsche Connect app (not Charging NA). The app is not particularly intuitive but it does work. Brent
  2. LonePalmBJ

    Accidentally upsold myself!

    The 4S is a gateway drug
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    ChargePoint / EVGO and Fast CHAdeMO charging

    Looks like you're all set!
  4. LonePalmBJ

    ChargePoint / EVGO and Fast CHAdeMO charging

    You mention CHAdeMO in your post title, which is a little confusing. While both ChargePoint and EVGo offer CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers the Taycan cannot use that type of connector. (nor can most anything else outside of Nissan Leaf and Teslas with an adapter) The Taycan uses the CCS fast charge...
  5. LonePalmBJ

    HomeLink shortcomings...

    In other places the UI makes use of a decidedly nonobvious left swipe to expose edit or delete options. If you have three homelink profiles listed see if you can press and swipe one of them to expose a delete option
  6. LonePalmBJ

    HomeLink shortcomings...

    I only have one Homelink profile, "garage" and I mapped it to the joker button on the driver display. Press once: Garage door opens Press again: Garage door closes It doesn't change anything on either display screen or bring up any menus. Also. it's a short press/tap, not a long press like I...
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    Atlanta Area Taycan Happy Hour - Thursday, October 8th, 2020

    Attention @wemct , @atlaturne , @al092193 , @bill winfield , @rquinton and all other Taycan owners in the vicinity of Atlanta, GA: Please join me for a casual Taycan Happy Hour at Sage Woodfire Tavern Perimeter on Thursday, October 8th starting at 6:30pm. Sage is located in Park Place Center...
  8. LonePalmBJ

    Pickup questions.....

    My car came with nitrogen from the factory - or so I assume from the green valve stem caps. In any event, your dealer seems intent on fleecing you with nickel-and-dime nonsense. I would pass on Nitrogen. It's not that big of a deal and it's debatable if it makes any meaningful difference at...
  9. LonePalmBJ

    Pickup questions.....

    Here's my take on your questions: 1) If the car is custom and already at the dealer I suspect you have little leverage, and they have little incentive to discount. They know you want the car. Having said that, it does not hurt to ask. Even if they don't discount MSRP they may be able to throw...
  10. LonePalmBJ

    GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    Congratulations! Your car looks a lot like mine, so kudos for having such great taste. I'm not certain about the Profile issues you are having, but two thoughts: It seems to take a little while for the actual, non-guest profile to fully load, so I'm curious if the "home" location appears...
  11. LonePalmBJ

    Share your favorite aftermarket accessories

    Aesthetics, mostly; the inductive chargers are a little larger and bulkier and I like the sleek look of the minimalist phone holder. Not much more of a reason than that really. I can always change my mind too; the inductive holders will connect to the same clip mount.
  12. LonePalmBJ

    Phone holders for the Taycan - what are you using?

    Here's a picture of the ProClip in my Taycan. More details and several additional photos can be found on this post: Brent
  13. LonePalmBJ

    Share your favorite aftermarket accessories

    Here are some pictures of the ProClip in my Taycan. I mounted it on the passenger side but the clip is reversible and can be connected to either side of the central console. It just clips in; I didn't need to use any adhesives or tape. It's snug and fits well. The phone holder is the...
  14. LonePalmBJ

    NC 500

    So, not NASCAR. Got it.
  15. LonePalmBJ

    EA Free Charging Due to Equipment Upgrade!

    This is unrelated. I noticed last weekend that at least for the two EA chargers I used in Florida and Georgia, charging was free for everyone regardless of the brand or model of vehicle. You also dont need an app or card to initiate charging, just plug in and it starts. I don't know how...
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    This came up a couple of months ago. Plagiarizing @andyxxl : Page 85 from this manual: Performing an emergency release of the electric charge port door After an emergency release, the vehicle can only...
  17. LonePalmBJ

    Factual Report: just data - 11 kW charge rate

    One more redundant data point: I connected my 80a capable TeslaTap to a friends 80a Tesla Wall Charger and the car charged at 10.64kW when I spot checked, so 11kW charging is possible that route as well.
  18. LonePalmBJ

    .1L Roadtrip Recap

    I have just returned from an 1,100 mile (1,770 km) road trip. This is approximately 1/10 of the road trip that @louv took, which, of course, is the defining unit of Taycan road trip measure. I have therefore just completed a .1L. Here are my quick observations, which I may edit as I remember...
  19. LonePalmBJ

    Share your favorite aftermarket accessories

    How about a social-distance friendly Taycan happy hour somewhere in the ATL in October? In addition to you and me I also know of @bill winfield , @rquinton , @atlaturne, @al092193 and several others are around here. I there's interest I'll start a new thread and let's plan something.
  20. LonePalmBJ

    Share your favorite aftermarket accessories

    ProClip offers phone cradle options both with and without inductive charging. They all fit into their mounting system. The non-inductive holder options typically provide space for a charging cable to be attached while the phone is being held. As for power, I will probably just run a USB-C...