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  1. WRC_1S

    White Taycan at Cholmondeley Arms near Malpas.

    We were at dinner with friends last night at the Cholmondeley Arms pub not far from Malpas. Spotted a very nice white Taycan with Chrono in the car park. This pub has a car club that if you take a photo of your car outside and email it to them you get a free mug and a free pint. Lovely food...
  2. WRC_1S

    Well that was crap!

    First supercharger (Edit: fast charger) experience was a disaster. Stopped at Trafford Centre Manchester on our way to Wales. Used the Evyve 75kw charger. Would not work. Authorised my card on the app and still wouldn't work. Would not work pay and go. Spoke to a useless tech support guy on the...
  3. WRC_1S

    Retro frunk luggage

    Being an air-cooled Porsche and VW man I've acquired some cool retro luggage over the years. I remembered I some old American 1960s carry on cases in the loft that I thought would fit in the frunk of the Taycan. So I dug them out, dusted them off and hey presto they fit! They are in immaculate...
  4. WRC_1S

    My first public charging experience.

    We drove down to Leeds yesterday with the kids to watch The Hundred cricket at Headingley. I didn't have to charge it as its only a hundred miles back home. But I thought I'd give it a go seen as we were staying overnight. We stopped at the Marriot off Swinegate so parked in Trinity car park...
  5. WRC_1S

    50kw charging time

    We are off to Wales next week and looking at Zap Map from the NE there only seems to be 50kw chargers on my route. Its only 210 miles door to door so I could make it without charging but we'll want to stop with our mardy teenagers for lunch. Just wondered how long does a 50kw charger take in...
  6. WRC_1S

    Keyless start Faraday box

    Appreciate comfort access/keyless entry keys being stored in a Faraday box in your home is a good idea but I don't have comfort access. Is it still a good idea to have keys for keyless start in a Faraday box? Thieves can't boost that signal can they? Cheers. Wayne
  7. WRC_1S

    Porsche charging card question.

    Hi. I got my Porsche charging card through the post today. Covering letter talks about 190,000 locations across Europe in Partner with Ionity. Is there a list or site that shows the suppliers the card works with? Obviously its not all Ionity and Porsche dealerships. I've looked on My Porsche app...
  8. WRC_1S

    Zap Map Premium

    Is Zap Map Premium worth it in the UK? I can't actually see what it gives you the free version, Porsche nav and Google don't. Its on Andriod play but requires a Premium subscription to work in the car. Cheers Wayne.
  9. WRC_1S

    New car days are the best days.

    Picked up my RWD from Nottingham Porsche today and drove it the 150 or so miles back home to Sunderland. I think I grinned the whole way back. What an amazing car. Battery performed better than estimated. 230 miles fully charged (PB+) at the dealership with 118 miles left when I got home...
  10. WRC_1S

    How long does dealer prep take?

    My car is allegedly due to Porsche Nottingham on the 22nd of July (I'm not holding my breath). Just wondered in the UK what's people experience of timescales once it's at the dealer to you then being invited to collect it? Cheers. Wayne.
  11. WRC_1S

    Taycan CTS v 911 Track Shootout by Fifth Gear's Jason Plato

    UK car show 5th Gear put this on YouTube. Its Jason Plato presenter and Touring Car champion racing 1 hot lap in a Taycan CTS and then a 911. Interesting and shows Porsche have built their EV to go round corners as well as their 911! Fast! Hopefully this link works?