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  1. New update, but no Android Auto?

    I bought used Taycan and I think it has the newest software as icons are coloured. My phone (samsung) says wireless android auto is usable, but i cant find AA in PCM. Anybody have idea what is the problem?
  2. Smallest tires and rims for turbo?

    I need winter wheels for Taycan Turbo and I would prefer to minimize the wheel and tire size in order to maximize the range on winter. So, can Turbo be fitted with 19" wheels? What is the narrowest tire that can be put on the rim? As I live in EU also suggestions for winter wheels (and stores)...
  3. Timed charging?

    I am about to buy Taycan (used) and I am totally noob to EV's. I tried searching but could not find any answer to this question: Can I schedule from Porsche app to charge car at specific times (night)?
  4. Taycan wheels - painting black?

    I might buy a Taycan, but it has wheels below, which are frankly ugly. I am considering that I would paint them all black or partially black, is by some miracle somebody done same? How does it look?
  5. Depreciation of the price in Germany (/Europe)

    Guys, what is your estimate about price drops for Taycan especially in Germany. In Panamera it is like 50% in 3 years, will Taycan's be the same?
  6. OEM factory option retrofits?

    I am probably going for used Taycan and because of that I am checking what options can be retrofitted as if something is missing from the used one it could be added. So please, list things that can or could be retrofitted. Let's exclude obvious like wheels and bodykit's. I know most of them...