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  1. How to visually find out if "uPdate" was applied to 22 Taycan

    Hey folks, basically question in topic subject. If car was built summer 22, but before "uPdate" was released , it would already have color icons in PCM. Is there way to verify that actual efficiency updates were applied ?
  2. Reversible Trunk Mat for CT

    Hey folks, does anybody has such mat for CT, does it fit properly?
  3. You can’t make this up

    After countless delays CT4 finally arrived at Dealership on 08/24. Talked with SA today and he says: I’ve bad and good news. Bad news that during PDI we discovered that Panoramic roof is cracked, good news is that Porsche shipped it to us overnight. I’ve read experiences here regarding cracked...
  4. TYD and current phase disappeared

    Hey folks, those who are waiting for their vehicles in US, can you comment if TYD and current phase are available for you? It was available for me this morning, but disappeared from my.porsche later in the day. Wondering if this is some common bug or something wrong personally for me ?
  5. Track you dream question

    Hi, I've question about Track your dream. I was able to get order cancelled by other customer and car is build and on the way to port. My SA switched it over my name and I've received email from Porsche with subject "Activate your Taycan 4 Cross Turismo (MY22)" and through link there I've...
  6. Couple of questions about spec

    Hi guys, couple of questions: 1) Did somebody had a chance probably at dealer or somewhere else to see and touch in person this new Race-Tex material? How it does look like/feel? Is it more like cloth or vinyl? I'm not kind of fan of vegan things to something like that and always had leather...