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  1. Taycan x Hollywood

    Saw a Taycan on the show The Industry (S2/ep5) and got me thinking what other shows or movies has this beautiful automobile been spotted??
  2. A long journey…but finally a Taycan owner

    It started over a year ago when I put down an order for a 21 CT4. This was during a time when dealers were giving discounts and allocations were easy to come by. Dealer lots were littered with Taycans selling at or below MSRP. I tracked my dream and it was delayed and delayed. Then life...
  3. RWD owners - need your help

    I would like to one day get a ‘23 4S sedan and understand that it could be quite a while before I get one… In the meantime, a base/RWD sedan fell into my lap and it has many of the options I was looking for (PB+,PASM,Sport chrono, all leather,prem pack). No ADM and good offer on my trade. I’ll...
  4. How hard to get an allocation? 4S sedan or 4S ST

    I had to step away from the forums while I took care of some personal matters but am now back…since then the market has changed quite a bit! how difficult is it to get an allocation from a dealer? I had one dealer tell me that it’s impossible to get an allocation unless I want to pay a markup...
  5. Stay with MY21 or move to a MY22?

    I have a MY21 CT on order…delayed until “12/31.” I have the option to move to a MY22 allocation which will likely delay delivery several more months but I’ll get a “newer” CT and have the ability to reconfigure the car. Note: I do not urgently need a car right now. I’m weighing several...
  6. MY22 - protection film front

    MY22 configurator has an option for front film protection. I was planning to do this anyways. Is it worth the $2,000+ cost?? thanks in advance!
  7. HBO Hard Knocks - spotted?