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  1. adamandsheri

    2022 Taycan RWD 10k mile review

    My Gentian Blue RWD rolled over 10,000 miles yesterday (16,090 km for our non-American friends). Coincidentally I was on the way to Porsche for the PCM upgrade, which I really wanted, mainly for wireless android auto. We took delivery on November 13th, 2021. I am happy to report that except...
  2. adamandsheri

    How to set interesting/complex charging profiles

    It took me a while to sort this out, but I thought I would share what I did and how I did it... My utility (Cobb EMC, Georgia) has super cheap overnight charging, $0.045 cents from midnight to 6am with the first 400Kw for free. It's $0.073 from 9pm to midnight and 6am to 1pm and $0.135 from...
  3. adamandsheri

    6 months in with 4S - the great/good, the bad/ugly

    2022 RWD has only 2k miles but is our daily driver and we couldn't be happier with it. Wife is petrified of car issues and the rare PCM glitches don't seem to concern her. As someone else said, how the car drives and looks outweighs any glitches. I think there may also be a cost factor...
  4. adamandsheri

    "Clunk" in rear drive when slow roll reaccellerating

    Doing a little experimentation I think the issue only occurs when regeneration is active. I think the "clunk" may be the car switching from regeneration back to drive. Thoughts? Anyone else confirm it's related to regeneration?
  5. adamandsheri

    "Clunk" in rear drive when slow roll reaccellerating

    Hey guys, 1090 miles and 30 days with my 2022 RWD. Only thing that is really worrying me is when I decelerate to around 5-10 MPH and then reaccelerate lightly (like rolling through a stop sign), there is a very noticeable clunk in the rear drive. It's kind of like a bad shift in a Chrysler...
  6. adamandsheri

    Does anyone actually charge to only 80%?

    So the dealer tells me that it is "better" for the battery to charge to only 80%. Based on the research I have seen for most EVs, batteries don't really lose much capacity for any reason over time. What is everyone's thought on the matter?