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  1. 2022 Taycan RWD 10k mile review

    Thanks for the info. Do you need to change suspension or brakes when switching from the base aero rims to mission E? I know when you select mission E it looks like it add brakes when you are ordering the car.
  2. 2022 Taycan RWD 10k mile review

    Where can you buy the Mission E rims from?
  3. Per request, a mini review of the Variable Light Control VLC roof

    How well does it block out the sun and heat on a hot day? I live in NorCal which can get high 90's a lot.
  4. To RWD or 4s? That is the question...

    I get a little scared of pre owned. I see some used Taycan's with 3 owners already. Makes me wonder if it was a lemon.