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  1. Does a Taycan feel like a 911?

    Interesting topic and great to have insight from owners of 911 and Cayman/Boxters. I have considered to buy a Cayman (S) and turn it fake (replica) GT4, to have a fun car, that's why I will watch this topic closely. ----- I know some will wonder why would I turn normal Cayman to replica GT4...
  2. Dumb question or Dumb dealer?

    My 2020 has uPdate and colored icons, however it doesnt have android auto, and i have scheduled a new appointment so update it again. Point of story, there is probably several bugs with uPdate and everything might work, but still miss something.
  3. Lane Keep Assist/Active Lane Guidance/Lane Keep Assist + Active Lane Keeping

    So what exactly innodrove add? Or is it just a package of ALK, ACC and LKA?
  4. at what point do we stop apologizing for Porsche

    I just can't grasp this obsession with software, which seems to be started from Tesla owners. My PCM is a little laggy, but radio, heating, gears etc. comes on straightway, so everything you need to drive functions great. How big problem is that when shifting from a setting to another setting...
  5. Taycan camping

    How is this better than having a... tent?
  6. Next-Gen Taycan Reportedly Coming In 2027 and Will Be Joined By Electric Panamera

    Next Taycan is smaller, and Panamera EV will bigger than current Taycan?
  7. New Panamera and Taycan EV

    I am no expert, but those improvements seem not minor but signifacnt to me. So, this will result 5-10% improvement?
  8. New Panamera and Taycan EV

    If there is no advancement in battery tech. I have a hard time to see how the Taycan2 can be significally better. Sure some minor things will be better, but no major reasons to upgrade.
  9. Valet mode?

    So how many apps we need? I have My porsche, Porsche good to know and now Porsche connect. Is there some other that i need?
  10. RWD - Rear Axle Steering or Massaging Seats?

    I would never get massage seats, was of money in my mind. I rather go to massage parlour or use home massage chair.
  11. 271 miles! 100% charged. What’s your range shown?

    My max is 353 km (219 mil). I have 21" wheels and 305 rear tires. I have considered that I would try to swap them to 20" 2xx tires. Any idea how much this would effect the range?
  12. Taycan 4S tuning - hypothetically

    I saw the same thing and there is also other sites/tuners claiming this.
  13. Spoiler

    Sorry to bump old thread, but what is the effect on range when spoiler is deployed? Any guess or educated guess. Seems strange that range mode deploys it in highway speeds but normal mode dont?
  14. No Android Auto after update - MY20 Turbo - USA

    Thank you for the info! I have scheduled service but first time i got is 6 weeks from now. So long wait to get AA working.
  15. My 3D printed Taycan phone holder

    Thank you for the model. I was able to print it. My problem is that i havent found any strong enough magnet for it. My phone is Smasung S22 Ultra with flip case. I know this looks ugly, hopefully eventually find strong enough magnets.
  16. Settings for Road Trips (other than default Range Mode)?

    I just did long trip on Europe and my findings are: range mode do extend the range, eco A/C were sufficient even in 29-32 celcius heat, range mode automatically shuts the passenger screen, manually you can set other screens brightness down, manually you can shut down the center screen, if you...
  17. New update, but no Android Auto?

    Tested both: 1. Unpair and pair again 2. Using cable. Not working with either method.
  18. Taycan Sport Turismo Turbo on the Autobahn (video review by Out of Spec Kyle)

    I just came back from Germany and drove in autobahn. It was great and i did not encounter any problems. It was hot outside ranging from 29 to 32 celcius.
  19. No Android Auto after update - MY20 Turbo - USA

    Did you get AA fixed? I have similar problem:
  20. Which one would you buy: a 2020 Turbo or a 2022 4S?

    I have Turbo and think it is too fast, little tap on accelator pedal and you are over speed limits, hold it for few seconds and you are in prison.