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  1. whitex

    Did anyone in the USA/Canada manage to get amber turn signals?

    I'm curious, has anyone in North America tried swapping our the tail lights with a European version to get the amber rear turn indicators in the rear? If so, was it just a part swap, or did some ECU's have to get reprogrammed too?
  2. whitex

    Main PCM display module

    Does anyone know what the part number is for the main PCM display for a Taycan? Perhaps some pictures/drawings/diagrams/specs/pinouts of this part?
  3. whitex

    Module pinout information

    Has anyone in the community come across a pinout for any of the Porsche ECU modules? For example, pinout for the Taycan gateway module below for the 2 connectors shown here?
  4. whitex

    Tesla now sells $415 home charger with native J1772

    Tesla recently started selling home chargers to charge non-Tesla vehicles. The charger is not bad price, $415 USD, and it's apparently based on the Gen2 HPWC. It can load-share up to four of these devices. Note that this is advertised as a 50A circuit/ 40A charging device, not 80A capable like...
  5. whitex

    Tesla Wall Connector Gen3 finally supports load sharing

    In case you are using a Tesla Gen3 Wall Connector for charging your Taycan (with a TeslaTap of converted with a new cable), Tesla quietly released load sharing firmware for that. The wall connector manual has not been updated with this either, but the instructions are at the link below (along...
  6. whitex

    What happened to wireless Taycan EV charging?

    Anyone know what happened to the wireless EV charging Porsche talked about for the mission-E?
  7. whitex

    Taycan repair manual

    Anyone got a copy or access to Taycan repair manual?