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  1. kmcdonal

    Recent California heat wave and grid crisis - a personal perspective on EVs giving back their power to grid emergencies

    Thanks for the write-up -- really interesting first-hand perspective on this. I agree that it seems like there is a lot of potential here.
  2. kmcdonal

    Taycan and EV's on the road US vs EU

    I would echo this comment. The U.S. varies enormously depending on where you are located. Even within one state things can vary widely in more urban areas versus more rural areas, etc. Near me there are a growing number of EVs. In addition to the usual Teslas, there are quite a few Polestars...
  3. kmcdonal

    NYT Opinion why Performance Battery Plus is not necessary

    The other thing the article skims over is that when it is cold, your 300 miles of range can quickly become 200-250 miles. If you have a 200 mile battery, you could be looking at 150 miles of range or less.
  4. kmcdonal

    Max speed governed?

    I had the same sticker and was told it was just a cautionary warning about the all season tires and that there is no limiter.
  5. kmcdonal

    Winter Season with Heavy Snow Stick with Taycan or Get a Used Macan for Winter?

    I drove my Taycan for two years through all kinds of brutal mountain conditions, often going through up to eight inches of unplowed snow. I never came close to getting stuck although I did regularly pass all kinds of SUVs in ditches on the sides of the road. (I would be willing to be those SUVs...
  6. kmcdonal

    2000 New EVgo Charging Stations Coming to 500 Locations on US Highways (Joint Project by GM & Pilot)

    It all comes down to the use case I suppose. I need about an extra 5-10% of charge to get to a ski resort that I like to go to. There is an EVGO at the grocery store on the way. I plug in, get my groceries, and I add about 20-25% charge by the time I come out of the grocery store.
  7. kmcdonal

    2000 New EVgo Charging Stations Coming to 500 Locations on US Highways (Joint Project by GM & Pilot)

    Mostly 50kW although I have seen some a bit higher. For example, there is one close to me (which I have not tried) which is 200kW.
  8. kmcdonal

    2000 New EVgo Charging Stations Coming to 500 Locations on US Highways (Joint Project by GM & Pilot)

    There are a fair number of EVGO chargers in Colorado, and at least around here, they are rock solid. I cannot think of a single time where I had any issues which is a lot more than I can say about EA. If EVGO can continue to deliver chargers that work reliably, this could be a good addition.
  9. kmcdonal

    Someone Educate Mustang Block E Drivers!

    If that is an EA station, it could also be that only some chargers worked for some cars. At some EA locations there seems to be no rhyme or reason to which chargers work with which cars. I sometimes would try four chargers before I got one that worked with the Taycan while other folks with a...
  10. kmcdonal

    Taycan - Daily Driver even in Winnipeg Winter?

    I had a 4S with 20" wheels and snow tires.
  11. kmcdonal

    Taycan - Daily Driver even in Winnipeg Winter?

    I drove my Taycan through two Colorado winters and racked up most of my miles in the mountains. I never once had an issue with clearance. Overall the car was rock solid in the snow. As you noted, range will suffer in the cold, but otherwise it is a great winter daily driver.
  12. kmcdonal

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    It seems very region specific. I had my Taycan for 2 years including back when there were almost no Taycans on the road. I rarely had people comment. Everyone is really into SUVs here in Colorado. They mostly noticed when I was driving it in major snowstorms - it is not the kind of car folks...
  13. kmcdonal

    Decision Logic For Swapping From Winter to Summer Tires?

    If it snows and you are running summer tires, there is a high probability of going off the road regardless of the vehicle. I have had too many close calls in various cars over the years with summer tires that I just don't risk it if there is a chance of snow. Even a dusting of snow can sometimes...
  14. kmcdonal

    Considering selling my 2021 Taycan 4S (Black)

    I just sold my 2020 4S to a dealer and got in the range RAHRCR mentioned above. My car didn't have a ton of options aside from the performance battery. Not sure how that impacts things.
  15. kmcdonal

    Sold but I'll Be Back

    I never thought I would say this, but I sold my 2020 Taycan 4S yesterday after almost two years with the car. I loved the car, but some unique circumstances caused me to sell. The short version is that we are in the process of moving and won’t have room to park all our cars. I had no intention...
  16. kmcdonal

    Selling my Taycan RWD - best way to do it?

    Sold my 2020 4S today to a dealer and got just under MSRP. After accounting for federal and state tax incentives, I am ahead almost $9k. I would try a few more dealers as a first step.
  17. kmcdonal

    Irrational trouble ahead for BEVs after Felicity Ace ship fire?

    Near me there has been some publicity around a condo complex that doesn't allow EVs to be parked in the indoor parking. Hopefully this is not the start of more bans like this.
  18. kmcdonal

    How often do you change driving modes?

    I change modes a lot. It is one of my favorite things in the car. I set it to normal on rough roads, when I am in traffic or when clearance is limited. I use sport / sport+ for curvy roads and when I need to do more passing. It really changes the personality of the car.
  19. kmcdonal

    Taycan in cold climates - your experience?

    Some sensors do complain if they get dirty from snow or sand/salt, but I have never had an issue just because it was cold. I have never had an issue with the door handles per-se. Twice the whole car was covered in ice and all the doors were iced shut, but that would impact any car. The nice...
  20. kmcdonal

    Taycan in cold climates - your experience?

    I think your summary is right. The car is excellent in snow - I drive it in sketchy conditions all the time including about 5 minutes ago. The traction control does allow the back end to come out a little more than some cars (e.g., Lexus), but it is well controlled, you just need to be aware of...