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  1. Rob28

    Just bought a 21 Taycan Turbo S

    Congratz on the new Taycan - it looks great! Regarding homelink - i programed the shortcut button on the steering wheel with homelink and it works quite well. Others have set the shortcut key on the dash for homelink (i have mine set for sports sound :P). Otherwise, I dont think you can...
  2. Rob28

    CHALK Taycan Club

    Looks amazing - any issues with warranty with the lowering links and spacers?
  3. Rob28

    Clear or stealth PPF on Chalk (Crayon) Taycan?

    @tayCanadian has been looking to do stealth ppf on this crayon/chalk taycan and has a few pics to share. I did clear ppf and love it - it makes the car very easy to keep clean and it looks amazing always.
  4. Rob28

    OMG I finally got an allocation!

    Congrats! Same spec as mine chalk GTS on Bordeaux/black. I hope you got the Bordeaux seatbelts - they look awesome!
  5. Rob28

    Need help with new 22 Inch Tire Sizes - MY20 Turbo is a pretty good tool for checking rim/tire size and how they fit on the rim or on the car. Hope that helps!
  6. Rob28

    Change in MSRP?

    Yes, this is an only up market for MSPR Porsches and cars in general. However, when I ordered mine in Nov 2021, I received a 1.5% discount from the dealer. Since then, my SA told me they are no longer doing these discounts.
  7. Rob28

    Trading a car in Canada

    Thanks! Still feels annoying but hey, my wife is happy with her Lexus ☺️
  8. Rob28

    Trading a car in Canada

    Hi forum members! This isnt totally about a my taycan but I recently traded in my BMW X3 for a new Lexus for my wife. The dealer told us they recieved a bid on this dealer auction on our car and the trade in value came in a lot lower than we expected. I happen to be looking at the dealer's...
  9. Rob28

    Electrify Canada

    Nvm figured it out!
  10. Rob28

    Electrify Canada

    Thank you! How to enable plug and charge?
  11. Rob28

    Electrify Canada

    Any Canadians able to use the EC chargers? I went to one today and tried to connect via the my Porsche app and kept getting an error. Anyone successfully charge for free at one of these?
  12. Rob28

    Kind of feeling screwed over. Placed over in Dec 2021 and still no allocation

    I placed an order in Nov 2021 for a GTS sedan, locked the build in March, picked up in early June - original date was May 7 for delivery but that got pushed about a month. I'm in Canada.
  13. Rob28

    PTN meet ups

    Down! Not sure when the next one is but let's do it!
  14. Rob28

    PTN meet ups

    I need to buy an ICE Porsche - thinking of a 996 turbo but I just got the Taycan so gotta manage the financing
  15. Rob28

    PTN meet ups

    Anyone here part of the PTN group in GTA? Last Friday at Porsche Markham was very cool!
  16. Rob28

    Stock vs custom?

    I don't completely agree or disagree. I think custom can be done tastefully, however that is very subjective and to each their own. At one point in time I was thinking about aftermarket wheels, but changed my mind for now. I was also thinking about lowering the car but that was before I took...
  17. Rob28

    0-60 times - how can I do this at home

    1st prize in whatever I can hahah
  18. Rob28

    0-60 times - how can I do this at home

    Probably because I'm a Porsche noob and didn't know I could use it. 😂
  19. Rob28

    0-60 times - how can I do this at home

    Anyone have any suggestions for how to measure 0-60 times on my GTS? Whether it be an app on my android/iPhone (i have both, iPhone for work), or something else. I dont think my wife with a stop watch would work :P