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  1. jonbek

    Anyone headed to Indy for the Porsche Sports Car Together Fest?

    Just curious if anyone other taycan drivers are headed there for the weekend?
  2. jonbek

    KW Suspension V4 Coilovers for Static (Non Air Suspension) RWD Taycan

    V4 set up for the Taycan using triple adjustable damper with Low-Speed Rebound and High and Low-Speed Compression. Brand new, planned to install but traded rwd sedan for cross turismo. Lowers a max of 30mm, and have to assume would offer an incredible upgrade to performance and ride...
  3. jonbek

    My Second Taycan; Carrara White Taycan 4 CT

    So, after brief ownership of a very capable and nice Taycan RWD, I learned through experience about the one option I missed on my purchase that I really wanted for Chicago; air suspension. So while I was enjoying the car, I wasn't in love. Anyways, with that hard-earned knowledge I started...
  4. jonbek

    How to track values after purchase?

    Just curious with KBB providing a giant question mark on used values, what tools are available to gauge where or how our Taycans are valued? I’m a constant horse-trader so I’m continually left wondering what my trade in value would be and where I sit vs. my outstanding loan figure.
  5. jonbek

    Is there a OEM Porsche Wheel Fitment Cross Reference Chart/Guide?

    Simply put, I'm watching ebay and rennlist etc for a second set of wheels for winter, and maybe track use. I'm just curious what other Porsche models I could consider as perfect or even close fitments for this idle pursuit of mine. Is there any simple chart or explainer across p-models?
  6. jonbek

    Taycan Seatbacks?

    I have a base rwd Taycan and was curious about the seatbacks of the driver and passenger seats. Are there any aftermarket upgrades, or perhaps other p-car seatbacks that are a direct swap? I thought it may be cool to find or source a painted set or carbon fiber. JB
  7. jonbek

    New Owner Volcano Grey

    Hi Everyone! New owner here, first Porche, and first EV. I've been wanting, waiting, watching the Taycan for a year or so, and using Porsche Finder, found almost exactly what I wanted just a few miles away from me, in downtown Chicago. I'm stoked to own a base model, and it's equipped with the...