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  1. buruburu

    PNWR Autcross Event #9

    Second autocross outing for the the Taycan 4s in weather much better than last month. Based on learnings from last month, started the pressure at 36 PSI (37 according to the in car TPMS) and kept it there by bleeding out air between runs. Tires took 2 runs before coming alive and getting up to...
  2. buruburu

    Incorrect Trip Consumption Data

    Out of curiosity, has anyone else been experiencing wildly inaccurate electrical consumption numbers in their trip data? On short trips < 60 miles, consumption data would be accurate where it typically reports on average .3 kWh/mi consumption. However on longer trips, the number ends up being...
  3. buruburu

    Base RWD Taycan Compared to Optioned AWD Taycan 4S

    Over the past couple days I was able to get myself into fairly basic 2021 RWD Taycan while my 2020 Taycan 4S was in the shop for some repair. Over the course of 5 days, I had the chance to put it on some back roads under some spirited driving conditions. For those that are still thinking about...
  4. buruburu

    Washington to Houston and Back (5,000+ Miles in 7 days)

    Earlier this month, my GF, her corgi, and I took a road trip from Seattle all the way down to Houston to visit family and then back up to Seattle again. While we were down in Texas, we also made a run to Austin for some mandatory BBQ and to visit a close friend. On the way down, we split the...