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  1. buruburu

    Taycan Range Test With New Software Update

    Don't forget that the 3-4% increase is for a very specific driving condition. In this case, highway driving without a lot of start and stop. Please do not expect or assume that you will get the same 3-4% range increase if you're primarily driving in stop and go traffic. I expect that the...
  2. buruburu

    Taycan Range Test With New Software Update

    FYI, don't over index on this, there are too many factors that ends up affecting range. e.g. My 15 mile route to work get 3.4 mi/kWh if the traffic is light and if the traffic is heavier and the average speed is about 55-60 MPH I'll get upwards of 3.7.-3.9. The way back home on the same...
  3. buruburu

    Fuse 8? (US Taycan)

    8 isn't even the right fuse. According to the owner's manual 8 on a LHD car is "Radio-controlled parking control unit (left-hand drive), charge port sensor (right-hand drive)". You probably want either fuse 2 or 7 on the right fuse box that is to the right of the dashboard. Not the footwell...
  4. buruburu

    Odd Tire Wear at 13K Miles

    Camber affects where the wear occurs and toe affects how much wear occurs. IMO, your rear camber looks fine. Rear left and front right looks like are wearing way more than rear right and front left. Out of curiosity, are there a lot of clover leaf ramps where you live and are you taking...
  5. buruburu

    Battery Degradation

    The best way to check for battery degradation is likely get the battery all the way down to 0% or something ridiculously low like 1% then charge it to full and measure how much kWh was dumped into the battery. Theoretically, by going 0 to 100%, you'll know how much total capacity is available...
  6. buruburu

    A Taycan crashed and burned in China, a couple died inside the car due to door cannot be open from outside

    Really hard to tell from the video, but there are 2 key indicators. 1) Flashing rear brake likes. Indicates a collision has occurred or at least rapid deceleration. 2) Spoiler looks to be fully deployed. If so then that indicates the car was going over 124 MPH. Entire A pillar looks shredded...
  7. buruburu

    A Taycan crashed and burned in China, a couple died inside the car due to door cannot be open from outside

    Pretty certain it's a two stage handle from the inside. Half pull to trigger the electric, but if you keep pulling you'll feel a mechanical resistance as a backup.
  8. buruburu

    Do you have tire insurance?

    If you're getting nails in tires, you need to evaluate where you are driving. If you live near new home construction, it's pretty common cause nails fly out of work trucks. If not, then you need to identify where the nails are coming from. But good chance you need to consider taking a...
  9. buruburu

    lowering e-tron GT

    They make setting that work in very specific operating parameters. Yes, range mode lowers it even more, but if you've ever hit a bump in highway speed in range mode the impact to the entire car is way more jarring than if you were in sport low or normal. The vertical G shock is enough to...
  10. buruburu

    Need help with new 22 Inch Tire Sizes - MY20 Turbo

    In the stock OEM 20" configuration, you can dial out a lot of the understeer by running even tire pressure front and back. I run 36 psi hot front and rear when autocrossing.
  11. buruburu

    POSSIBLE FIX: Electrical system error | Park vehicle in a safe place

    Because the car thinks that the key is no longer in the car and at that point, the car has to assume it's being stolen / improperly driven and needs to shut down. Another thing to test is putting the key in the cup holder to see if it helps w/ key to car connectivity.
  12. buruburu

    Need help with new 22 Inch Tire Sizes - MY20 Turbo

    Yeah, I had factored that in too. OEM tires diameter is 28.7" front / 29" rear. The Goodyears would be 28.7" front / 28.4" rear. Could go 255/40R20 for the front so that it's 28" diameter so it'll be 28.0" / 28.4", but that's too much tire width sacrifice IMO. I also considered 285/30R20...
  13. buruburu

    Need help with new 22 Inch Tire Sizes - MY20 Turbo

    I actually bought Panamera Turbo Wheels with 5mm spacers for this purpose. 20x9.5 for the front and 20x11.5 for the rear. Plan is to run them with Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3. 275/40R20 for the fronts and 305/35R20 for the rear. It's actually also because of SCCA Autocross Street Class...
  14. buruburu

    lowering e-tron GT

    Hmm... sure if you want to blow the dampers. Its primary purpose is to control the oscillation of the vehicle when it goes over bumps. Sure you can tighten it, but then now you run into situation where the excess pressure can cause undue wear. Really, if you want to lower the car, the best...
  15. buruburu

    Dallas -> Louisville -> Indy (SCTF) .... seamless drive over 2100 miles of the Central US in Taycan Cross Turismo 4

    Also, one of the easiest way to clean that junk off is a wet skidpad. If you live in a cul-de-sac, wet it down and then drive in circles like on a skid-pad. Of course you'll probably get some angry looks from your neighbor. If not, then at you know you have some awesome gearheads for neighbors.
  16. buruburu

    12V battery pack size

    My guts tells me no. Different battery chemistry requires different chargers or else you're looking at a fire hazard. For the size and the amount of current it needs to pump out, it's probably a LiPO which is likely to be wired up from multiple cells. To charge those types of batteries...
  17. buruburu

    Dallas -> Louisville -> Indy (SCTF) .... seamless drive over 2100 miles of the Central US in Taycan Cross Turismo 4

    Yeah, it's also known as tire marbles. On a track, it's a nightmare cause it ends up reducing your overall grip as well. At national levels of autocross, you will see people with oscillating tools hooked up to gas generators in grid to scrap off all the marbles they pick between runs. It also...
  18. buruburu

    lowering e-tron GT

    I dunno if i would say that's true. I've noticed that in range mode which lowers the car, the ride is harsher than at normal. This is probably because the reduced suspension travel so instead of being on the springs, you're riding the bump stops which is going to much harsher.
  19. buruburu


    Think about this too, the fact that you can't tell show just how good Porsche has nailed brake blending. Under hard deceleration it is much easier to tell though. But at that point, smoothness be damned, stopping asap needs to take priority over everything else.
  20. buruburu

    Does the base Taycan have a double-wishbone suspension?

    Edmund has a great video going over the details of the Taycan suspension. Even goes into thing like motion ratio. Definitely worth the watch.